Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ten days remaining...

Update: Thank you Aimee K for your nice donation today! :-)

For you to donate just 10 dollars/pounds/euros for The Bike Experience fundraiser celebrating Michael Fassbender's birthday. You'll be entered into a raffle for cool prizes, and have your name added onto the birthday certificate to Michael.


Martha said...

I will for sure be donating again this year. It was a pleasure to have done it. Will do it by probably Friday.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes from one of the TBE riders:
“A fantastic experience for anyone who has had to stop something they love doing through illness or an accident. Happy memories came flooding back, for those brief moments riding around the circuit, my life in a wheelchair didn’t exist. I still ride the circuit in my mind a year after the event."

It brings joy to me to know how some people really loved their experience. Come on Fassinators!!!

Simone said...

You are amazing Martha! Thanks for the heads up about your donation later in the week, and thanks for highlighting that wonderful sentiment from a person who directly benefitted from TBE!