Friday, March 21, 2014

TGIF 321 - It's Time to Donate! (Updated)

Update: Thank you Gabriel for your generous donation today! xoxo

With only 10 days remaining of the Fassinating Fassbender Fundraiser for Michael Fassbender's 37th birthday, supporting The Bike Experience, I plan to make a post everyday counting down to the end of the month. I'm only doing what a responsible and committed fundraiser does, and that is to remind people about the fundraiser and asking for them to donate. If you're tired of hearing about the fundraiser, that's too bad, you're probably not going to donate or never planned to donate. It's also no coincidence that traffic to FF is down this month or that commentary is light. Some people are avoiding the fundraiser, and thereby, are avoiding the blog. Ok, whatever. It's fundraiser time and like how people cross the street to avoid a homeless person beggin' for money, people avoid visiting websites that are asking for money for a good cause. Out of sight, out of mind for being hounded for their hard earned money.

At the end of the day, it's YOUR money and if you don't want to donate, that is fine, but that doesn't mean you stop being a Fassinating Fassinator... or does it? I have donated to this fundraiser, I may make a second donation on the final day (depending on some personal business), and I will be buying several raffle gifts and paying postage to send said gifts to the winners (anywhere here on Earth). Sure, I got a lot of other shit to do with my money, a LOT, and things are tight for me. I had to cancel my New York City trip in early May because of an unexpected car repair, and I have been paying back on my bitch ass student loans since January! So I know financial concerns, I know there are other things I can do with MY money for MY life right now, but I sincerely chose to hold this fundraiser to help other people who desperately need money to, guess what... HELP other people. And all of this is to celebrate my favorite actor's BIRTHDAY!

My goal is to raise as much money for The Bike Experience that we can. This is a cause I and those of you who have donated thus far believe in, and TBE need every single dollar, pound, or euro any one of us can spare. The fundraiser goal of £1000 is a mere drop in the bucket for them in comparison to what they really need (£20,000). However, at the pace of this year's fundraiser, I don't know if we'll raise £500. But that's still five hundred quid that could repair a bike, buy fuel, buy a new helmet, or go towards insurance, etc. Donating to charities is something that comes from the heart and if for whatever reason a person simply doesn't support this fundraiser, or this particular charity, that is their prerogative. Every charity faces this dilemma, TBE is no different, and our fundraiser is not exempt from the challenges of appealing to people who have the will, interest, and ability to donate.

So come on Fassinating Fassinators if you haven't donated yet, PLEASE donate soon, TBE really needs your help! I am extremely grateful to the 17 donors thus far, you guys truly are the best of the best Fassinators to donate your hard earned money into a charity cause you obviously believe in! You guys have other things to do with your money, but you decided to support this fundraiser to help TBE and to honor your favorite actor, Michael Fassbender! xoxo

Thank you and TGiFassy!


St├ęphanie said...

Thanks to you Simone to manage this blog that perfectly reflects our support for Michael.

In France , we say "tu es un vrai chef, bravo"

Simone said...

Thanks to YOU and people like you Stephanie that have not been hesitant to participate in this fundraiser. So many thousands of people familiar with this blog and the fundraiser are not interested in donating - I was aware of that going into the fundraiser. So it's all the more important that those compassionate individuals who are naturally inclined to participate anyway, kindly donate as much as then can during the 33 days of this fundraiser.

Snootiegirl said...

I am very interested in this post. You have readership in the thousands and are having trouble fundraising? That's very surprising. I've been visiting and chatting on your site for under a month now, and I was so impressed with the way you handle things that I felt I wanted to participate right away.

True, things might be tough for some people, but do you really miss that $20 once it's donated? And the good feeling goes on. I hope you are able to make your goals and rally the troops for TBE. Good luck!

Simone said...

Hey Snootiegirl, your finding of FF comes at the perfect time and I have duly noted your immediate enthusiasm, participation, and donation. And you're NEW to all this, that's what makes it all the more glorious that someone like you already felt something special towards this community and the fundraising effort to help out.

FF is by far not the most popular Fassbender fan website, but we are different and have a nice community spirit here. there are a multitude of reasons why fans do not participate, and I know some will donate in the final days of the fundraiser, and some will even make a second donation. But yes, hundreds upon hundreds of fans of aware of the fundraiser, but just aren't inclined to participate. I know other reasons as well, but it's not in the spirit of fundraising to discuss those aspects at this time.

Thank you again Snootie for finding FF when you did as I enjoy very much engaging with you.


Snootiegirl said...

Awww! Thanks. :D

Hupsakeek said...

Although I sometimes have the feeling that my money is already out of my pocket before it get in can count on me for my second donation. I do it coming week (when my salary is paid :-) )
Donating gives a good feeling so if someone is reading this and think 'huh what's she talking about?', try it yourself and enjoy the feeling afterwards!
I'm sorry I was offline for a while but sometimes that happens!

Snootiegirl said...

Thank you, Simone, for bringing class to an endeavor that could so easily fall into darker realms. Your time, effort, and thought are appreciated and admired.

As we have discussed previously, there can be serious drawbacks to stardom. Do you sacrifice your whole private life to live a creative life? Your blog shows that fans and the fandom can live a symbiotic, not parasitic, relationship. We can nurture each other's creativity.

And the first time I wrote this, it was much more eloquent. I didn't even know my ipad keyboard had an undo key!!

Simone said...

I tell ya snootigirl, your reasoning and healthy positive attitude is a breath of fresh air. there are others like you, but sadly, the fandom as a whole has witnessed some behaviors and attitudes that are disturbing. While FF tries to consistently promote positive news and information about Michael and his career, there are those weak 'semi-fans' who willingly start get involved with gossip communities and believe in BIs and judge Michael through a deliberately smudged lens. Others are too busy to give their full attention to a remarkable actor and only pop in when there's "action".

I'm a very busy person, but I make the time to keep up FF with 100% always upon my shoulders. I refuse ad requests, and I just want to give real Fassy fans what I would want in a fan blog. That's why I find such joy and support in reading your kind words from someone who hasn't been around long, but has assessed the community in exactly the way I want everyone to view it.

Thank you,

Snootiegirl said...

I cannot guarantee how long I will be around here at FF. I too am very busy and seem to constantly look for more (bad snootie!).

BUT having said that, I will promise to be thoughtful and generative in my presence here. There's really no other reason to BE here, IMHO. Stimulating discussion is my drug of choice. Glad to find a kindred spirited blog.