Friday, March 28, 2014

TGiF - 4 Days Remaining (updated)

Update: Huzzah! Martha L made her glorious donation and we are now at 81%. What an amazing Friday rally of A Band of Fassinators! ♥ 

Update: Wow x2! Thank you Jill and Chris B for your brilliant donations today! We jumped 10 percentage points towards our goal. Thank you so much! xoxo

Update: Thank you kt for your much needed donation today, we're now at 63%! xoxo

The end is nigh my people. For those of you bored out of your skull and not interested in the fundraiser, this is the last weekend you have to deal with this constant bombardment of pleas for your money. And for those of you who have given, a heartfelt thank you for understanding why this fundraiser has been established and my steady fundraising request reminders. I expect final donations to come in on Friday and throughout the weekend. We're too far behind to meet the goal, but with all things considered, those who donated gave generously and we should be proud. Of the several fundraisers going on for The Bike Experience, we have raised the most money for the charity, even being short of our goal, we still came out on top. So pat yourselves on the back! This is a cause very worthy of every penny it receives. So thank you, and Michael will be pleased to know that we did such a good job in his honor.

TGiFassy! and please donate in these final four days!

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