Monday, March 3, 2014

The Oscar Speeches


Snootiegirl said...

So, so sweet of her to say that Michael was her 'rock' considering their respective roles in this film. Doesn't that alone speak volumes about the power and importance of his courage in undertaking this role? To dive into this monster and find some humanity is the very definition of a 'Best Actor'. Personally, it will make me rethink every (human) villain in every movie from here on. What is their pain? Who is their tormentor?

Thank you Lupita and Michael for these revelations in the midst of the commercialism and frivolity of the film industry.

Simone said...

yes, it is awesome that she thanked Michael. They both have mentioned in print interviews that they had to support each other, especially after the very difficult scenes. It appears that Michael was a big brother to her and made sure she was ok after some of their brutal scenes. This is why we love this guy.

Hupsakeek said...

I was moved tp tears by the speech of Lupita en laughing and crying when I saw Steve jumping up and down like he was Tigger.
And fully agree on what Snootiegirl said.