Monday, April 14, 2014

Fassinating Fassbender at Facebook

I never thought I would do it, but as explained in Saturday's post, the time has come for us to open a Facebook page. I know many readers of FF do not care much for FB, and believe me, I share the same sentiment. But for business purposes, it's a smart move. I spent a lot of time working on it this weekend, and I am pleased to announce that FF @ FB will be primarily managed by its Content Editors, Vera Isayeva (Russia), and Stephanie Czekalski (France). These Fassinators immediately responded to my call for administrators at the FB page, and I'm even more excited that they are both approximately 6-12 hours ahead of me. Meaning, they can do their thing at FB when I'm primarily offline, and I will mind FF as usual. Between the two of them, FF@FB will be updated daily with at least one article from the Internet.

There are a lot of Michael Fassbender fans that are not familiar with FF, and surely we can grab their attention, as well as some of the new fans who will sprout up as Michael's career continues on this upward projection in high profile films. The banner used at FB was also created by our graphic designer Hupsakeek. As an alternative to a theme of banner continuity, I chose the purple/grey banner for FB, just to add a little twist and have a slightly different look for the FB page.

Please go check out FF@FB (see badge at the top of the sidebar) and please 'like' the page as that will be key to promotion of the page and meet the long term goals and plans we have for it. Because we're small, things will be quiet and start off slow, but Vera and Stephanie are looking forward to building up the Facebook page and we'll be focusing on X-Men: DOFP. And that will be the key role for FF@FB: Helping to do our little part in promoting the upcoming films that Michael will be in, as well as having FF articles re-posted there.

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