Saturday, April 26, 2014

Michael Fassbender on the Late, Late Show, and in London

Blue jacket to match his blue eyes!
Continuing his mini-premieres for Frank, Michael now has moved on to London for the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Frank. In Dublin, Michael wore his favorite black leather jacket, and in London, he wore the blue version. I love his practical fashion sense!

Also on Friday, Michael and the director and co-star of Frank appeared on the Late, Late Show. Watch the episode here at the 43:23 minute mark! (OMG! Watching that Priceless: Ireland, Master Card commercials is indeed Priceless, I've never seen it before until now) :D Daddy Fassbender was in the audience, and I think Michael's blonde manager was sitting next to him, and then there as Michael's secondary school teacher. She had glowing things to say about Michael as a student, she said he was "charming, beautiful, and popular". Sounds like the teach is crushing big time on  grown up Michael. Can you blame her? Very sweet, and very, very cool interview with Michael, Lenny, and Domhnall.


Kruschelkasten said...
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Kruschelkasten said...

Finally a web site that let me watch something on its player without telling me "This programm is not available in your country".
So thank you Simone and thank you RTE.


St├ęphanie said...


Simone thank you for the link,I love all the interview which allowed me to know other side of our favorite artist....
In the advert, Michael is so cute in the perfect irish man (but yes he is

I think I'm getting better in English, I understood almost all ;-)