Thursday, April 24, 2014

Michael Fassbender Promoting Frank in Dublin Tonight! (updated)

Tonight at 7pm GMT in Dublin, Michael Fassbender will be in attendance for the Irish premiere of Frank at the Lighthouse Cinema Smithfield. According to a tweet by the Lighthouse Cinema this morning (they posted this image of the inside of the theatre), they said that "guests with passes will be admitted in at 7pm". So if you're one of those lucky guests,  you're in for a fun evening.

It has also been announced by the Late, Late Show on RTE1 that Michael, Domhnall Gleeson, and Lenny Abrahamson will be on the show Friday night at 9:30pm. So we're closing out this Fassy week with anticipated loads of pics from the premiere, and a video of Michael's third appearance on the Late, Late Show with Ryan Tubridy.

This post will be updated later today with images of Michael in Dublin.

Michael and Daddy Fassbender arriving in Dublin earlier today for the premiere!

Images from Movies and Mischief tumblr.


 On the Red Carpet

Image from Film4 Twitter.


Snootiegirl said...

I love that he consistently takes his parents to his premieres. Why not share it with the most important people in your life?

Looks like he was growing out the facial hair again but cut it back for the carpet. :(

Those xmen promos must have been shot a while ago. He looks better in these photos--perhaps it's just the lighting and the white shirt in the xmen stuff too.

This has been your daily dose of obviousness . . .

Martha said...

This guy is looking great! Vacationing did wonders for him. He got some sun and it shows. Nice to see papa Fass. It's cute that he likes hanging out with his pop.

All of these pictures are a sight for sore eyes. R&R is something that is well deserved. He has had a hectic schedule for the longest time. When did he start shooting in New Zealand? Was it October? If that is the case, 3 movies in 7 months about!!

Now he has a bit of down time in between promotions while getting his future projects in order. Does anyone know what is the next thing to start filming?

Simone said...

It was just announced that Jude Law has replaced Michael in 'Genius', so that will leave Michael to move right into Trespass Against Us with Brendan Gleeson, and then possibly start Assassin's Creed in August/September.