Monday, April 21, 2014

Michael Fassbender's Face on the Big Screen

Fassbender's Face coming to a big screen this Spring/Summer.
I had to giggle when I read Snootiegirl's comment in Friday's post about going to see Captain America, and seeing Michael Fassbender's image on the big screen for the first time via the X-Men preview.  I forget that almost daily, Michael Fassbender gains new fans and most of those new fans have never seen his films in the theater. And when they finally do, it's like seeing an old friend, or a future husband (LOL!), up close and personal. This familiar feeling for seeing someone, slightly larger than life, is so surreal - looking at them right there in front of you putting on a performance that mesmerizes you and make you admire him and his work even more.

I first saw Michael Fassbender on the big screen way back in early 2007 for '300'. I did not go to see the movie for him, because I didn't know he existed. I went because the advertising persuaded me due to all the half-naked men brutally trying to defend Sparta. As an ancient history buff, this was my kind of film. As I was watching 300, in IMAX mind, I was a bit overwhelmed with the violence juxtaposed with the beauty of all the brave soldiers. Sure, I noticed that one kid who was flying all over the place with the sexy abs and crazy smile, but I must admit, I noticed other guys too and my focus was distracted away from that Stelios lad on my first viewing. I had to go back and see 300 for the second time to pay more attention to Stelios/Michael Fassbender because after the first viewing, I started to think about the actor who played that role, and based on internet mumblings at the time, other people, male and female, also took notice of Stelios/Michael.

Michael's Stelios was a scene stealer in Zack Synder's '300'.

The second time I saw the film, I didn't do IMAX again, just too intense. So upon a regular screening, I was more able to relax a bit and then re-focus my attention on the Stelios actor... and ever since then, I've been hooked on Michael Fassbender... and the rest is history. So, I know what it's like to watch Michael Fassbender on the big screen and be so amazed and entertained by his presence and talent. For fans like Snootiegirl, enjoy your virgin experience this spring when you watch Michael Fassbender in X-Men: DOFP on the big screen, and don't be surprised if you have an urge to watch the movie once or twice more in the theater.

What was the first movie you saw Michael Fassbender in at the theatre?


Snootiegirl said...

Aaaaaawww! I inspired you! I'm blushing.

And now I have to burst the bubble. Duh. I did see 300 in the theaters. And like you, I was intensely overwhelmed by the man flesh. But I didn't take the time to single out Michael. And my hubby tried to get me to watch Inglourious Basterds many, many times before I finally relented solely to see him (on DVD). So posh. And the hubby even said that he was impressed by Michael's performance when he first saw IB. So there. :)

Thanks for putting a big smile on my face today. I needed it after being up with the baby all night.

Vera said...

I first saw Michael in The Dangerous Method. And it was not his looks but his voice that made it for me. Actually till now the voice is a huuuuge contributing factor)))) that's why I am kind of upset that I don't always have a chance to actually hear Michael speak on the screen and have to wait for DVDs.

Takhesis said...

Well, I've seen both 300 and IB, but as the same reasons listed above, I didn't "noticed" him. My "epiphany" was with X-men First Class: his charm, sexyness and acting caught me irreversibly. And I hope this love case lasts for the rest of my life... xD

Ana Lucia said...

Hello, I'm from Peru.
I saw him for the first time in "300" and "Band of Brothers", but I didn't noticed him until watching "The Devil's Whore" and "Hunger". So, in "Inglourious Basterds", the magnificent actor Michael Fassbender was already someone known to me and since then it's always a pleasure to see his work. ^_^

Martha said...

My first Michael big screen was IB. I was like, WOW. Who is this guy? And then I felt guilty for thinking he looked really good in that Nazi uniform. LOL.

After that it was Jane Eyre. I went to see it because my friend loves Masterpiece theatre and so I knew this appealed to her. When I looked into who was in this movie I saw the name Michael Fassbender and I said what else has this guy done? I went to IMBD and saw he was the IB guy and I was like, I'm IN! After that I realized I had seen him in a few other things and didn't know it was the same guy.

Funny think though, once I realized this was the same guy I was in awe that I did not realize this two years earlier and also that in all of the other things I had seen him in he had stood out. And by that I mean I thought he was gorgeous.

Now I'm a Fassinator for life! :)

OkaySay WhatGirl said...

My first time noticing Michael was in 300. I kept wondering where I had seen him before and it was in Band of Brothers. I actually started off hating his character in 300. I thought he was unnecessarily intense and took the attention away from Gerard Butler. Later, while living in LA, I got tickets for the screening of Hunger, and was hooked! As you can clearly see:

Love him!

lisa mcinnis said...

First time I saw Michael was in the movie 300 but I really didn't notice him until XMen First Class. I watched him thru the movie but the scene that made me sat up and said WOW was when he was trying to lift that submarine. He was standing by the wheel of the plane and that slow motion scene literally make my heart skip a few beats. When he squinted his eyes and licked his lips at that scene I was like OMG d@mn. Ive been in love ever since. Theres something about him that drew me. Im not so invested in an actor and never was but with Michael oy. Hes my undoing smh. I got it real bad

Jhessye said...

@lisa mcinnis. Same here. I saw him in 300 but I only noticed him after in X-Men First Class. I was cleaning up in my house and put on the DVD and there he was floating that coin in between his fingers and I just double taked. The look on his face, just everything was right. And I must say i have only double taked for on public figure and that's soccer phenom Cristiano Ronaldo. So I got the Fassy in July 2011 and 3 years later it's still is strong. What got me when I really noticed Michael was that he was Stelios and then the man from Inglorious Basterds in the Bar Scene.
I thought to myself: Okay this guy is a chameleon. Me likey. And well the rest is history.