Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michael wins at the Irish Film and Television Awards (Update)

In what may be the final awards show for 2013 films, Michael won big at the IFTAs in Dublin this Saturday evening for Best Supporting Actor in 12 Years a Slave. What a nice birthday gift eh? Did you know that this is Michael's third IFTA award? He won for Hunger and Shame.

Congratulations Michael! More pictures posted later as they become available.

Some silly woman only kissed him once! The hell?

Here is Michael's acceptance speech. His parents was with him, and his buddy Liam Cunningham was sitting at his table.

Photo credit: Ger Holland

Photo credit: Ger Holland


St├ęphanie said...

Congrats to Michael!

I'd like to be one of those lucky girls ;-)

Snootiegirl said...

Love to see him give mom a kiss when he won. Moms are always proud of their little boys no matter how big they get. She's the luckiest girl bc he'll always love her. :)

Simone said...

Snootie, in the acceptance video I just posted, you see he does kiss his mum.

Martha said...

I completely forgot about this award. I know the IFTAS mean a lot to him. He loves being home around his biggest supporters.

It was adorable him crouching down to the mike. Also love how he mentioned how slavery is present in today's society.

The one photo with all those ladies. Imagine if that was us!!!!

Hupsakeek said...

Love it!! The third Irish Award...he must be proud. And his parents must be over the rainbow ;-)
Liam at his table then there is one thing for sure: LOL!
Always good to see how relaxed he is when he is in Ireland or London.
And the pic with all the women. A great one!

Snootiegirl said...

Yes, Simone, I meant I liked seeing it in the video. LOL

Your mission now, fearless leader, is to get us into a photo with Michael like that. If anyone can do it, it's you, (And I don't mean photoshop).

Vera said...

Congratz to Michael!a well deserved award for a stunning performance.

Jhessye said...

I swear looking at him never gets old. Ooh we! Anywho, I am happy for him. Nice caption on only one woman kissing him. Hehehhe!