Friday, April 25, 2014

TGiF 425

Photo by Art Widak.
Michael Fassbender was the most popular man in Dublin yesterday at his premiere for Frank. He looked fantastic (I LOVE this photo!), and everyone who got to meet him said he was a nice and lovely man. But of course, when is he not nice and lovely? While the reviews have been excellent for Frank, there have been mumblings from folks griping (almost borderline anti-Yankee smack talk) about the Frank character having an American accent. I understand how they feel, and I think it's odd having Michael use an American accent for this role, but because this character is apparently very loosely based off of the real Frank Sidebottom, I think they didn't want a British/Irish accent used to draw even closer parallels of Frank in the film to Chris Sievey's Frank Sidebottom. But alas, I reckon all of us are anxious to see this film in any event.

On a side note, Me and Snootiegirl are going to meet up at the casting call for the Superman/Batman film this coming Sunday here in Michigan. It's always so much fun meeting Fassinators, and local ones at that. I'll have a report about our adventures later this weekend at my Zen blog. I've only done one other casting call for a commercial half a billion years ago, and only 10 people were needed. Well, roughly 1,000 people are needed for this casting call for a major motion picture being filmed in Detroit by Warner Brothers, shhhhh we can't tell you which film though (the announcement said exactly that) Duh... let's just say, I think I'll need to wear comfortable shoes, it's going to be a long day. Snootie, we may have to have a cocktail afterwards.


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TFI Fassy everyone!!!and have a nice weekend!!!