Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woo-hoo! Welcome to a Fresh Fassinating Fassbender!

Michael's next film and a perfect image to celebrate the new FF banner and motto!
Thanks to Hupsakeek for her great work in taking the simple words, Fassinating Fassbender, and giving them a sense of ownership, style, and a boldness that the blog title has been desperately lacking! Another thing that was important for FF was to carve out a niche within the Fassy Fandom and brand it with a motto that will only be associated with this community: No Gossip, just The Fass! (as in 'Just the Facts').

Purple is my favorite color, so I knew the banner text had to be some shade of purple. Along with the contrasting of the white text, the color scheme goes well with the light plum border background, and the white background for the blog articles. If you regularly read popular blogs and websites, their reading backgrounds are unanimously white. It makes for better reading because it's easier on the eyes, especially for those wholly dependent on reading the Internet from their iPhone or androids. The font selected is bold and commanding to replace any imagery of Michael Fassbender from the background of the website. His images will be in the blog articles and along the side bar.

Other than introducing a new banner and motto, and putting on a new color of lipstick, nothing else has changed with the blog. However, I have hesitantly decided to venture into that Facebook realm. Believe me, I don't want to, I don't like FB, but, I find that in this day and age, the absence of a Facebook page to complement the main website is very obvious {One time I wore a Keep Calm Fassy t-shirt and a girl said it was cool and that she'll 'Like' my FB page. I didn't have the heart to admit that FF wasn't on FB}. Especially if I want to attract more participants in next year's birthday fundraiser, I need wider social media presence and visibility. Last month, a lot of people steered clear of Fassinating Fassbender during the fundraiser because they did not want to engage with the community during the fundraiser period if they had no intentions of making a donation. People in general just get shy around the topic of donating money, regardless of the cause - if they don't want to donate, or don't have the money to donate, they stay away until the fundraiser period has closed. That was disheartening for me to witness, hence my ramped up promotion of the fundraiser. Readership was down significantly during that time and to make it a little easier on myself next year, I need to spread out a bit and grab the attention of possibly hundreds if not a thousand more regular readers to help build up the future donor pool. So venturing to Facebook will just allow me to post as usual here, and all I have to do is click a button to re-post the same article onto Facebook. And with Facebook, people can 'Like' the page and it will have a domino effect in spreading/sharing FF to a broader audience. Remember, Michael's fan base is still growing, and with the next X-Men film, he's bound to obtain a few more fans.

Once I finish getting things set up there, I'll share the link. If there is anyone who is a regular poster here at FF and enjoys posting at Facebook, I welcome you to email me so we can consider adding you as an admin at the FF Facebook. I don't want to half-ass it at Facebook, but I also don't have the true interest or ability to promote it there as it should be. So if you're up to it and want to be associated with Fassinating Fassbender as its Facebook Admin guru, please let me know.

Ok, now onto the topic of "Gossip"...

My intentions with 'No Gossip, just The Fass' is that I'm not going to actively encourage big time chit chatting about Michael Fassbender's dating life. After a mere glance at the IMDB message boards and that 'dark alley' place, a normal person could see how counterproductive, juvenile, and ugly the discussions about his personal life can get. Sadly, there are some seriously disturbed people who focus too much on the dating life of a man they will never, never, NEVAH EVAH have! All the long FF has been 98% focused on Michael's career, but I'm not foolish where I will completely ignore valid articles that mention a lady friend that either Michael Fassbender or his official representatives fully acknowledge him to be dating. Case in point Nicole Beharie - I posted a couple blog entries about them and that was mostly because the photos were interesting, non-intrusive, in public and accompanied information that was also relevant about Michael's career and the filming/promotion of Shame. Other than also mentioning two of his other lady friends as an aside, I don't see the need to write about women he's spotted with because this blog is first and foremost a celebration of his career.

If Michael were to get engaged/married, have a kid, or quit acting to become a Buddhist monk, these are important events that may occur in his life which would merit coverage here at FF. That's the difference. Michael appearing on the red carpet, arm in hand with a lady friend, one or two of those pictures will be posted. But subsequent detailed discussions about who she is and why she's with him will not be discussed in depth. And that's the key word: Depth. A recognition of the person, and even saying that her dress is pretty, is perfectly fine. But 'dark alley'/IMDBish pathological, obsessive, commenting about Michael's dates will not be tolerated here. If there is outlandish, unbelievable, rude, character attacking gossip about Michael mentioned in the media, I will review it with an open and an objective mind and make the decision to address it. I can already state that in regards to future gossip crap about him, I will be prepared to roll my eyes at 99.8% of it and post something stating that I simply don't believe it, and leave it be. When you've been reading and writing about Hollywood for over a decade like I have, your bullshit detector develops a keen accuracy rate over the years, and it's spring time my friends and my detector is German made and it's got fresh batteries!

So that's my No Gossip, just The Fass point of view. I hope you understand and agree with it. As always, I welcome all points of views except rude and disrespectful ones, so please share your thoughts about the updated look of the blog, especially suggestions to continue to improve your reading experience here.

Thank you!



Hupsakeek said...

Hi Simone, looks great :-)
Funny how small the world has become with the internet. You in the USA and me in The Netherlands and 'working' together as if we are sitting next to each other. I completly understand your FB thing. I'm glad my blogpartner take care of that. I've a FB account, but do nothing with it (anymore). So he is happy doing things for us on FB and I'm happy to concentrate on the internetpage.

Great weekend and it's really spring now with the new blog look!!!!

Vera said...

Wooooo-hooooo indeed!!! Simone and Hupsakeek, you really did a marvellous job!!! I like the purple background and the black letters on white, it's much more vibrant and springish and positive than the previous layout!!! it is as if it tells you: now go and watch a Fassy film!!! or now go and grab a magazine with Fassy on the cover))))
Really really nice!!!)))))congratz!!!))))

St├ęphanie said...


Thank you Simone and Hupsaseek for the new look of the blog ... I also love the purple :-)

I totally agree with the new motto ... no gossip, just the career of this incredible actor.;-)

I volunteer if you want help on Facebook, because I'm pretty active on this social network. I'll understand if you refused because there is'nt a long time I frequent the blog.(and my english is'nt very good lol)

Have a good saturday !

Simone said...

thanks so much for the positive feedback ladies, we really appreciate it. I'm just sorry it took so long to make the change, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Hupsakeek. Eventually I'll update my computer and enroll in some sort of graphic art course, and self-teach myself (yeah, right), but in the meantime, it's great to have a collaborative partnership with Hupsakeek on something she does so well and efficiently.

Simone said...

Ps. I hope everyone continues reading the blog article by clicking on 'read more' at the very bottom of the front page. ;)

Simone said...

Stephanie, please email me so we can discuss further about FF @ FB.

April said...

Simone and Hupsakeek, the blog looks awesome - I love the new banner, it's bold like us, HA!

Snootiegirl said...

Looks great on my ipad. Purple is my favorite color!

Snootiegirl said...

Oh! And I meant to mention that I've worn my 'Keep Calm and Fassbender On' t-shirt in public a couple times. It has gotten questions each time. Mostly it's 'what's a Fassbender?' Which makes me laugh, but it's been mostly 50+ people commenting. I just say, 'he's an actor.' And they're satisfied with that. But the upshot is that people are reading my boobs and questioning their fanship. . . No, wait, what's important is that Fassbender isn't a household name yet. And I kind of like that. He's working, but he isn't ubiquitous.

Me selfish. :D

Simone said...

Thanks April!

Snootie, thanks for confirming that the blog shows up well on your iPad. And that is VERY cool about how people are drawn to your shirt. I thin the 'Keep Calm' theme always draws people to read the bottom part. I got a lot of compliments off of my too. :)