Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fassbender as MacBeth

Fierce! The film is being pimped at Cannes (which one day I will attend, dammit!) from HitFix.


Martha said...

Where can I buy this! Simone you need to become friends with the guy that printed these. :D

Wow is the only word I have. Just wow!

Simone said...

I know! I'm so going to be stalking the local theater to get my hands on the movie poster for this when they are finished with it. I have Hunger, and Centurion, this would complete my set! :)

Martha said...

This one is so good. Not only because Michael is on it, but because it just a great piece of art. I might need to do some stalking myself...

See I did not know about Michael until years after Hunger. But I did hear about the movie in the Summer of 2009 because that is when I started a list of Movies I must watch and Hunger was at the top. I think I read the movie review from The Tribune guy. The review impressed me some much I started the list.

There the name sat on my list until 2011 when looking for a movie my work friend and I could take in I suggested Jane Eyre (she loves Masterpiece Theater). As I researched who was in it, this Michael Fassbender name popped up. Who is this guy? What else has he done? IMDB. This guy was in Inglorius Basterds? Who was he? Oh! That cute guy I liked. Now I really have to see this. 300? He was Stellios? I kinda liked that guy. He was in Hunger? Why does that name sounds familiar? Looks at list. Yep, same movie. Headed to Blockbuster that weekend. Found my celebrity crush.


The End

Guia said...

I'm completely, desperately, madly in love with this poster.
And not only because of Michael, like Martha said.
This movie is going to be so intense, can't wait!

Snootiegirl said...

'Intense' is the word. And the word is lovely.

miapatagonia said...

Again, his face always sucks me in. [THUD].

I love the gritty, dark vibe. The war-paint foretells the descent into madness.