Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm Seeing Frank in LA!!!

I am so lucky! Through this fandom, I have met some of the most fassinating fans. I cannot express enough gratitude in what I have experienced through these people. I have Fassinator friends here in Michigan, I met one in Paris, hooked up with one in London and then hung out with her again in Amsterdam. But the first real Fassinator friend I met lives in Los Angeles and we met up during my June 2011 trip. As I'm planning my Venice Beach/LA visit for June 12-15, I am meeting up with Miapatagonia again, and she was able to nab us two tickets to see Frank on June 14th! I noticed a tweet by the LA Film Festival about a special premiere of Frank in Los Angeles on June 14th and June 17th only. I immediately realized that 'Shit! That's when I'll be in LA!' So I emailed Miapatagonia and she was game in going to see Frank with me. We have pretty much set up our itinerary for that Saturday, but a 7pm Michael Fassbender movie to close out an excellent day couldn't be better! She has just confirmed that she got our tickets, Woo hoo! See, this is what I mean about me being lucky! What are the chances of a surprise LA Frank screening during the very short few days that I will be in Los Angeles... a long planned trip? It's the miraculous work of the Fassy Gods ya'll!

LA Film Fest @LAFilmFest May 17

California has been on my mind lately, and not just as a vacation destination. After this past horrible record breaking winter (Polar Vortex bullshit, highest snowfall, and sub-Sub zero temperatures), I'm wondering why in the hell do I still live in the Mid-West? Why endure another horrifying winter? Well, we'll see what fate has in store for me, but the reliable weather of California is very appealing, and, you never know. But in the meanwhile, I'm so looking forward to my vacation and seeing Frank in the US before the rest of the country sees it on August 22.

Hi Simone, welcome to Los Angeles!


Myriam Cronk said...

YAY!!!!! Have fun Simone!! I know exactly about the appeal of the Golden state having lived there myself for a GLORIOUS 9 years - enjoy, deservingly so :) BTW - LOVE my Frank mask - hugs, M

Kruschelkasten said...

Yes, have fun and think about the fact, that there is still no premiere date for Frank in Germany

I guess I'll buy the British DVD before there is any news on that front.


Simone said...

Myriam, this is my 6th trip to California, my most visited state (outside of Ohio) in this country. That mean something. ;)

Christine, at least you'll have your mask before it comes to Germany. ;)

Vera said...

Wow, Simone, that's awesome!!! I think all the fassinators can relate to the fact that nothing is harder than waiting for another Fassy film to come out!!!
Although here I might actually not be the last (and I think it's the only occasion!!!LOOOL!!!), since Frank opens on the 5th of June in Russia. Not sure whether I'll be able to go and see it right away since I'll be busy with my exams, but I'm sure I'll do it around 10-12, like you))))

Snootiegirl said...

Might I point out that, yes, we do have some miserable winters here, but!
1) No earthquakes
2) No wildfires
3) No mudslides
4) No water shortages
5) the Great Lakes, woman! No sal

Just food for thought. Have a fun, Fassy, safe trip.

Snootiegirl said...

Guh. That's no SALT!

St├ęphanie said...


I'm happy for you !

Enjoy this magical moments , you deserve it.

Simone said...

Snootie, trust me, I of all people know the benefits of Michigan/Midwestern living. Michigan will always be my home, and when the time comes for me to move, I plan to be in the financial position to come back very regularly. But this past winter pissed me the fuck right off and I haven't been right since. I was harassed by the winter and I got the message.

Earthquakes? - we have Tornadoes
Droughts? - we have too much water
Hot? - it's like HELL here with the humidity factor.

There are pros and cons to each state. The pros for California have won me over.


Snootiegirl said...

I know, sweetie. This winter was just cruel. I don't blame you for high-tailing it to different climes. I really hate the humidity here. I just wilt in it.

Have fun on your trip!!

josephine said...

Is it the premiere with the cast and crew or just the screening?

Simone Cromer said...

Josephine, if you click on the link in the Tweet I posted, it states it's a screening.