Friday, May 16, 2014

TGIF 516

We're just one week away from the US theatrical release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Michael Fassbender has earned 25K frequent flyer miles in the past week by having premieres in NYC, London, and Moscow. This week's image is from Wednesday in Moscow! It has been a fun week with information about a new movie Michael is reportedly interested in, 'The Light Between the Oceans', the release of MacBeth full frontal face one sheet posters, and us receiving those cool Frank masks direct from Bristol, England.



Guia said...

Pretty good week, isn't it? :)

I really love Derek Cianfrance's work, he's very talented and a great storyteller. I'm so thrilled about this news.

miapatagonia said...

I'm seeing X-Men next Wednesday at a press screening. I'm not a media person, but my friend is and she's taking me. I can't wait!

Hupsakeek said...

So much going on. If I think of all the flying, premieres, press... I wouldn't know my own name anymore if I was him :-)