Saturday, May 10, 2014

X-Man Fassy and his X-Men Duties in NYC! (Updated)

Below are a few red carpet photos of Michael from Michael Fassbender LatinoAmerica:

I'll be uploading lots of images today of Michael Fassbender in New York City as he promotes X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here are pictures of him this morning. Wearing all blue, his clothes are inspired by Mystique.

Images by Splash News


Vera said...

That's a nice jacket!!!I'm a fan of blue, I want a jacket like this too))))

Snootiegirl said...

I'm pleased to see that the man owns jackets that aren't made of dead cow hide. I've counted at least three in the past few weeks--black, blue, and gray. I don't really have anything against leather, I just wanted to rib him a bit.

He's looking so happy and healthy. I think doing press with the Xmen crew is a fun time for them all.

Snootiegirl said...

The tilted head is so cute. Thanks for the pics, Simone.

Hupsakeek said...

He looks, like always, gorgeous!
Just read on the internet that he confirmed voor Prometheus II.

Simone said...

Just added a few more that popped up over night. Michael looked fantastic!

Snootiegirl said...

Happy and healthy.

Question: were all those photos from yesterday? Does that mean that his beard growth is basically 1-2 days long?

If so, Goodness. No wonder he doesn't shave as an everyday thing. He'd have to do it twice a day to keep clean-shaven. His poor skin.

Martha said...

These are great pics. I agree. I love him on the one with the tilted head. (Very Cute)

I really liked the pictures from the Latin American Fassy Blog. No plans on leaving you fine ladies though.


Hodgepodge Shop said...

I have made the same comment a couple of times recently, not only here, but also in other sites. Being one of the best and most sought after actors has long been established. But,now we also observe tat he is also becoming one of the best-dressed stars. He has become elegantly attired (in both casual and formal wear). He carries his attire and shoes so well. Another emerging asset of Michael: Best Dressed! He must have now a good stylist or attire consultant? Simone, pls tell him personally about these observations; I understand, many have noticed already!