Monday, June 23, 2014

Daniel, Michael & Conor = DMC Films

It was first mentioned well over a year ago that Michael Fassbender established a new London based production company, DMC Films (Google search I found: DMC Film Limited UK). And just a few months ago, his trusted friend and Troika Agent, Conor McCaughan was listed as his DMC partner, and just a few weeks ago, Deadline reported that another British producer of a film Michael worked on (Eden Lake) has rounded out the partners list as, Daniel Emmerson. When I saw all the guys names in one paragraph, it became crystal clear to me what DMC now stood for: Daniel, Michael and Conor! Ta dah! But, if that's just a pure coincidence, then it's a text book definition of a coincidence.

Some of you may wonder why Michael is an actorholic (a word I just made up: a constantly in demand actor), and that's because the man has film production plans of his own. For an actor as talented as Michael and one who struggled to get prime roles in the first 10 years of his career, he of all people know how hard it is to get that first big break, and he knows how hard it is to find quality projects (i.e., Jonah Hex - well, it pays the bills). So what better way than to financially secure your own livelihood and help foster the development of creative film projects in the UK? Create your own production company! And that's what Michael has done, and it seems that it's all formed with key persons on board.

If you refer to the online profiles of both Daniel and Conor, you see that Michael has a great team and that DMC will kick ass in producing fine film projects in the future. If you're like me and are wondering exactly what does a production company does, here is a quick example per Wikipedia:
The production company may be directly responsible for fundraising for the production or may accomplish this through a parent company, partner, or private investor. It handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the supply with talent and resources, the organization of staff, the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing.[1] Production companies are often either owned or under contract with a media conglomerate, film studio, entertainment company, or Motion Picture Company, who act as the production company's partner or parent company. This has become known as the "studio system". They can also be mainstream independent (see Lucasfilms) or completely independent (see Lionsgate). In the case of TV, a TV production company would serve under a television network. Production companies can work together in co-productions.

So it's no wonder that Michael is taking on a mixture of big Hollywood studio films and lower budget indie films, and that's to help finance DMC and the type of films he wants to help get made. And his double duty as a producer and actor will make his schedule even more hectic.

It has been a dream of mine that when I have the money, I would create a production company that would support films that feature strong women, diverse casts, and original screenplays - really thinking out of the box type projects. I would also like to financially support production companies, like DMC with the investments that they seek. A pure cinephile would want to do this and I hope I'm able to do this one day.

DMC films has produced Slow West, the film Michael worked on in New Zealand late last year. I have a tingling feeling that it may be ready for prime time at TIFF in a few short months. It's the perfect film festival for this type of film. Michael is currently filming Trepass Against Us in the UK. A co-star was selected for 'Oceans Between Us', and it's been reported that he signed on for Garagistas, a film that will have Michael portray his dream role as an F1 driver! And this is not including the fingers crossed that he's still associated with Assassin's Creed. And then sometime in 2015, he will start working on X-Men: Apocalypse, and then after that, Prometheus 2. And Lord knows what else he decides to take on in between, probably do a month long East End play just for shits and giggles!

Whew! I'm tired from just writing all that he has to do! Thank you Michael for working so hard to entertain us with your awesomeness!


Vera said...

You can hire me as financial director, Simone!!!!))))

Simone said...

I'll hold you to that Vera when the time comes! I already got a name for the company. :)

Stephanie Czekalski said...

Thanks for this very interessant article, Simone.

Michael is a workaholic and that is also why we love him.

I think that he loves his work as an actor but also the cinema with a big C. .. and as soon as he can, he will give a chance to talented filmmakers with DMC.

Snootiegirl said...

Ok, let's try that again. Here's hoping for TIFF!

Kruschelkasten said...

As my first post was full of spelling mistakes, I decided to delete it and hope this one is better.
Congratulations to Michael on beeing an invitee to become a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.
Just read that bit of news about an hour ago on the German news text.

ButMadNNW said...

I've been wandering around the web for... *checks clock* ...more than an hour trying to figure out what "DMC" stood for. I don't know why. Just one of those "inquiring minds" - "it's gotta stand for something" - things. :-D Part of my brain insisted the M must be Michael, but couldn't figure out the D and C.

Should've known to come check here! ;-)