Thursday, June 5, 2014

Did Michael Assassinate Assassin's Creed?

According to the article at KDrama Stars, it seems that Michael Fassbender has distanced himself from the production of Assassin's Creed, which has a twice moved release date of August 2015. I'm of the belief that this may be ringing true, and if so, it's unfortunate, but it all comes down to business. Look at it this way - for a film that will be heavily relied upon CGI and fight scenes for which Michael has to train for, if they plan to release this in just 14 months, this film should be filming RIGHT NOW, really since like March. But it ain't. We all know how busy and in-demand Michael has become and I'm sure many other fantastic scripts have been brought to his attention, namely the follow ups for Prometheus 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse. And that's not even mentioning the one or two yet to be announced Indies this man will surely sign up for. He's currently preparing to film Trespass Against Us which will be filmed in Ireland and England this summer.

So chances look slim to none that Michael is indeed still attached to Assassin's Creed because the time frame conflicts with too many other projects that he is contractually obligated to. I'm perfectly fine with this decision as it did seem too good to be true when it was first announced. Video games turned into movies are a tricky investment. Although I'm not a gamer, I do like some of these games to movie projects, but when some fail, they fail awfully and I don't want something that will end up straight to DVD for Michael, he's above that as an Oscar nominated actor.


Vera said...

Oh, if it is true it's kind of upsetting. I would love to see Michael in this sort of film. But with his tight schedule he should clearly set priorities. Maybe next time then.

Snootiegirl said...

Wasn't his production company involved too? Maybe it will wait for him. Maybe not. I trust his judgment.

Martha said...

Ah nuts! I was really looking forward to seeing Michael in that costume. I'm sure he would have looked too good.

But yeah if he turned town roles for this movie and now they seem to have to maybe postpone maybe yet again. I'm sure it can be frustrating for him. Michael is in demand. And I'm not talking about Hollywood. I'm talking about us. LOL

He will be enjoyable to watch but man I really wish this were not so.

Anonymous said...

Michael did a podcast interview with Empire on April 26. They directly asked him "Is AC still on the table." He replied:"That's definitely on the table.very excited about that.YES,very excited." I don't believe things change so abruptly just in a month, especially considering his production company also involves in the project. Things this big,which also involves Michael Fassbender, movie sites like THR, indie wire, deadline, etc. would be reporting it too if there is any truth in it, but so far, it's only this one report. So I don't buy it.

Simone said...

@captwentworth, I do recall Michael saying that in a recent interview, so thanks for pinpointing when/where he mentioned that. However, things in H'wood DO change so abruptly in just a month, heck, in less than a week. You are aware of the handful of film projects that Michael has been aligned with over the years and then the next thing we know, someone else is doing the role. 'Genuius' is a recent example with Jude Law replacing him.

Of course it would be ideal to see this reported at Deadline or Indiewire, so we'll just wait and see. But unless the release date is changed yet again, I just don't see how Michael can act/produce in a film that has not started filming yet, to be released next August.

Hodgepodge Shop said...

Genius and Assassin's Creed are two movies that might have put Michael's films achievements at yet a higher level. I hope that he'l push through with Assassin's Creed.