Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So Proud to be a fan of Michael Fassbender

I'm heading off on a short holiday to a place where Michael visited to lose weight in preparation for Hunger back in the day. Although I have been visiting Venice Beach since 2005, it's nice to know that he has a connection there and likes it as well. For a California city, it's a lot of fun, pedestrian friendly, and great for those who love to  lay on the beach and people watch.


Stephanie Czekalski said...

I share your sense of pride to be a fan of Michael .. He's really a great artist who is able to give everything for a blockbuster or a more intimate film.
He has an incredible strength to prepare his most challenging roles.

I would like to discover Venice Beach and California, for the moment I have visited only Florida in the United States, but I hope one day I will cross the Atlantic to discover other countries ... even if I'm totally terrorized by plane

Simone said...

You know Stephanie, I find that most Europeans who have visited the States at least once, have made Florida their destination. :) Trust me when I saw that however lovely Florida is, California is much better - in my opinion. Hence the many times I have been here. But, Florida is easier to drive around in, the LA area of driving is too crazy for me, but I've managed. Thankfully I have one friend there who will do the driving.

You will overcome your fear of flying when you fly more often. I know, easier said than done. Did you know driving your car is more dangerous than flying? ;)