Sunday, July 6, 2014

BFF2 Part 2

Michael makes being a third wheel socially acceptable, sexy, and cool as shit. Why? Because I'm often the third wheel when hanging out with coupled up friends, but I often tend to be the one to have the best fun because people like having me around. Think about it. Most couples go out with other couples. But both of you, or at least the primary one of you, has to really, really like someone who is single to join you in an evening of festivities. So that's why it's even more cool that Bradley Cooper likes his BFF Michael so much, he not only replaces Suki at times, but he also joins Bradley and Suki when they hang out together. Now that's a true BFF friendship there!

Source: Daily News

Meanwhile, Michael has spent the weekend at the Silverstone F1 race in England, today he's seen hanging out with Goldie.

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