Friday, July 18, 2014

TGiF 718

Yeah, I'm positing this just to make sure ya'll are still awake! It's quiet in Fassyland, but let's not go all graveyard quiet, alright? I'm in the process of moving to a new apartment, so I appreciate the little downtime. However, Vera and Stephanie are doing a fine job at FF@FB with some originality in keeping the Facebook page active DAILY. So I encourage you to please visit there DAILY so you can keep up with Fassy stuff, and engage with other Fassinators when things are quiet here at the blog.

With that said, several things popped up this week: Rachel Weisz will join Michael in 'Light Between Oceans', which will start filming in September. And the rumor that Michael has pulled out of Assassin's Creed is still being reported only in comic nerd blogs, not traditional and more reliable sources yet. I don't mean to dismiss a fellow blogger, but as a blogger myself, I know that 'rumors' originally reported by nerd bloggers are taken with a grain of salt until it's verified by authenticated entertainment news sources. That hurts the ego, but that's how the internet world spins. So until Variety or The Hollywood Reporter confirms this about Assassin's Creed, it's still just an under the radar rumor.

Next week is the big week for the TIFF announcements of the first round of films that will screen there in just seven weeks! I just tried to navigate the TIFF website and it's a fucking mess. If I can't easily find what I'm looking for after attending for 11 years, how in the hell is a newbie going to find information there? Anyway, I "THINK" on the 22nd, they'll announce a slew of festival films and maybe Michael's 'Slow West' will be announced to screen at TIFF this year. If I can be honest, I'll be fine if it plays there (it's no guarantee that he'll even show up - just like he didn't show up for Fish Tank), and it may not be announced, it could be saved for the NYFF, or not do the fall festival circuit at all. So, we'll see. All I know is that of all the years I have been attending TIFF, the most hectic years have been when Michael was in town. I admit, I go into 'delicate stan'* mode for Michael only during the hours he's at TIFF where I can see the dude. But if he's not there, fine with me, I can focus on the 20 movies I'm going to see.

* I'm totally setting myself up mafia style by referring to myself as a delicate stan (professional and polite part-time film festival venue stalker fan) in my participating in a mere 2 hours of stanning at the theater in anticipation of seeing Michael and watching his movie. It's not necessarily fun, it's stressful, I'm constantly strategizing where to sit and whom to knock over if they get in my damn way. I'm prepping my camera in one hand and video cam in another. Last year was very stressful because I was wondering how in the hell was I going to be able to give Michael his 'Keep Calm and Watch a Fassbender Film' t-shirt. But I was tripping out for nothing because yet again, the Fassy Gods hooked me up by positioning Michael on the stage right in front of me. I have never seen Michael on the red carpet because I'm always in the theater before he arrives. But in a way, it's just as well because I hate the red carpet crowds at TIFF, and sadly, it's the 'regular people' crazy fans that turn off a lot of the film review bloggers (they're snobs) and they avoid TIFF like the plague because of the regular people fans who don't go see the movies, they just camp out along the red carpet and scream all day. So... see what I put myself through for you people? :D



Lilishalala Lil'Tiger said...

Hey don't worry I'm following what you do and thank you again for such news of Fassy!! I love the way you give us all those informations!! Keep up the good work!! :)

Simone Cromer said...

thank you!

Vera said...

I agree Simone, one should have bullet-proof anti-stress vest to attend all these red carpet events.
Let us hope that Slow West will indeed be screened at the TIFF!!!

Stephanie Czekalski said...

I was also on the site of TIFF and I do not understand everything (my " not very good"english did'nt help me)

Even if I'd like to see Michael on a red carpet (if I can't go in the theater), I think it's more interesting to see him on stage and listen to his opinion and comments about the movie he presents.

I keep my fingers crossed for you to see Slow West at TIFF

The Ekairidium said...

Thanks for all the hard work and devotion! Will wait patiently for updates! :D