Friday, August 8, 2014

TGiF 808

Ask and we received! Earlier this week many of us were experiencing Fassy withdrawals and severe dehydration due to Fassbender juice being withheld from us. Then the next day, the Fassy Gods rained upon thee and Michael Fassbender and his Frank co-stars descended upon New York City for the American premiere of Frank. And like sad and innocent crack addicts, Fassinators got all tingly and happy and shit with our Fassy Fix!

We are satisfied and excited about Michael's promotion of  his new movie Frank, which will open just next weekend in select cities, and then it goes into wider release after that. Michael is looking really fit and has some color in his skin, and his hair is all prudy and stuff. Let's enjoy this while we can because he will be going down to Australia in September to film his next movie, Light Between Oceans.

In regards to TIFF, they announced another 30 film titles this week and they were the Canadian film segment of the festival. At this point, I think it's safe to say that Slow West will not make it to Toronto. It's not one of those much anticipated big name productions that a lot of people are just anxious to see, so there's no need to hold it close to the chest and announce it at the 12th hour - it should have been announced two weeks ago with the other 60+ films. Anyway, I was 50/50 about its chances of playing at TIFF, this makes life easier for me and I can continue on with my plans to drink champagne and watch great movies without the anxiety of film festival Fasstrategizing.

Michael as Frank, really, really being the life of the party!



Snootiegirl said...

I've got itchy digits and twitchy britches for Frank! LOL

Finally saw the whole song on Colbert. Wonderful job. He's a consummate performer.

Snootiegirl said...

And although it was a long drought from DOFP, the tsunami of press, he looks so good and so happy to be out of the press' eye that I'm ok with waiting. Then he can be his beautiful self when he works and shares himself with us.

Hupsakeek said...

Still trying to watch the clips on yesterday post. Not working....but I will not rest until I see it :-)

Snootiegirl said...

I've been thinking lately about how I would behave if I was ever in a situation where I could meet Michael. I would prefer it be somewhere less crazy than a red carpet. I don't fancy competing with people whether they are real fans or those profiteers I see all the time in videos. I also don't want to have to say his name over and over to get his attention. Do people have no shame?

I think I'd just want to look into his eyes and have him smile at me. No autograph. Not even a photo if it's inconvenient for him. Just the memory of a moment. Is that corny?

Simone said...

Oh yes Snootiegirl, meeting Michael in a more calm environment would definitely be most ideal. But let's face it, at this stage in his career, unless you're lucky to bump into him at a 7-11, chances are most fans will only see him at public promotional appearances. And it is chaotic and anxiety provoking. Just ask Vera. When Xmen premiered in Russia, she assessed the situation and determined it to be too difficult and insane to deal with the throngs of people to get close to be able to see Michael. And that's Russia!

The evolution of Michael's appearances at TIFF is testimony to his growing star appeal and A-list reputation. it's a fucking zoo as last evidenced with the 12YAS screening there. I've been very, very lucky.

To answer your question, no, people don't have shame. They will scream his name and act crazy for his autograph and a fucking selfie. It's no wonder he's wearing sunglasses lately with these selfies because they are embarrassing and it's exhausting to comply to these requests and constantly appear happy and smiling for these people. Again, I'm lucky in having to ask a kind person next to me to take a photo of me and Michael in 2011 with my professional Fuji film digital camera. I would be embarrassed to ask him for a selfie. I'm a photographer, been using the camera since I was 13 years old. When I'm on Michael alert, I'll have my camera Camera, not a smartphone.

Your idea is not corny, that exact situation is all I have of meeting Eddie Vedder in 2009 after a concert. No autograph, no picture as proof, just a hand shake and telling him how much I enjoy his music, and him telling me 'Thank you dear'. I'll never forget that ... (sniff).