Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIF 822

Whew! With great relief, Magnolia Pictures increased the theater roll-out count for Frank, and you can see it at a theater nearer to you hopefully soon. For me, I'll be in Toronto when it comes to Ann Arbor, so I may mosey on over to Royal Oak on Aug 29th with a friend and her husband, who is from Manchester, England, and really keen to see a Fassy movie that is loosely based on Frank Sidebottom.

There has been a great reception to Frank and the reviews are over overwhelmingly positive, such as this review from the Los Angeles Times. I dare say that Frank will be in many Top Five Fassy Film lists, and even though you don't see him, hearing him, and seeing how he emotes as Frank is so brilliant and you forget, albeit temporarily, that you cannot see Michael Fassbender's oh so handsome face!

Earlier this week, TIFF released their final announcement for films and the talent that will descend upon Toronto in a couple of week, and Michael's Slow West is not screening, and he certainly won't be there. Hey, the man can't attend every year, and I'm totally ok with him not being there - it's so much less pressure off of me, you just don't know.



Martha said...

Happy Friday! I wonder though what about Macbeth, would not that screen there. I know they showed bits of it at Cannes. I'm pretty sure it was not the complete piece though. For me it means less pictures of Fasssy. Hm. Oh well!

Simone said...

MacBeth only finished filming in late March or early April I believe. Enough post-production work had been completed for them to show a sneak peek at Cannes, but the complete film, it won't be out until sometime in 2015.

Vera said...

TGI Fassy everybody and have a nice weekend!!! and maybe watch a Fassy film)))

Snootiegirl said...

Can't wait to see Michael's ice bucket. He has to try to outdo Benedict, I think.

Simone said...

I hope Michael doesn't participate, this ice bucket social media craze is all so silly. I know it has raised money but there are more non- narcissistic ways of making donations to this cause and making other worthy charities.

Snootiegirl said...

You don't think it's an interesting phenomenon to see how causes can fundraise? I don't know about the narcissism. It's not like it's all that glamorous to take a bucket of cold water over the head. I can understand people's objections to the display when water is a precious resource, but again, the water isnt being destroyed or polluted. It goes back into the water system that nourishes us all.

It's good to see how our world culture is shaping us. My opinion of course.

Simone Cromer said...

It's an interesting phenomenon, but not all interesting phenomenon's are sensible. When I first saw it, all I saw referencing was X Celebrity doing the icebucket challenge. But what failed to be mentioned was what the hell it was for. The focus was on the celebrity! Hell, awareness for Parkingson's Disease could be focused on blowing the biggest bubble with bubblegum, and as long as people can show themselves off by doing in on youtube, vimeo and facebook, etc., heck yes, they'll do it for the charity. It's about them first, people paying attention to them first, and then the charity. Why not just donate money in privacy?

but, this icebucket silliness has raised a lot of money.

Here is an interesting article about the craze from a person who is not impressed: article.

Snootiegirl said...

Donating money privately doesn't motivate other people to follow your example. And I suspect that most people missed the ice water OR donation part since the campaign has raised over $50M according to time magazine. I think it's in good fun, raising awareness using something that people do donate time and money to: celebrities.

In fact, I think the trend of donating money to charities in celebrities' names is a very positive trend. It certainly helps cut down on unwanted gifts from fans.

I don't agree that 'clicktivism' as the author of the article called it is laziness. It's just a more convenient way to contribute. If I don't have the time to be on the ground for a cause, at least it's easier to give some money than writing a check, finding an address, and mailing something through snail mail.

And didn't the writer of the article use the trend to get publicity for her publication by using it was a topic for her blog? Hypocritical much?

Fun debate!

Simone said...

Some of the comments from the article were interesting, especially the ones that support the sentiment of the article. I agree the tone of the article is a bit hard, but I agree with what he's trying to say.

I don't think it's hypocritical of the author to write about the subject, it's a popular topic, hence the need to have the phrase in the article.

All charities for health ailments can greatly benefit from the success of this icebucket thing for ALS. I just hope that this brings awareness for the need for all of us to support a variety of organizations and not just do it for PR, website hits, and Likes.

Little known fact about major fundraising campaigns is that most monies raised go to overhead (Admin), marketing, future fundraising BEFORE a smaller amount is actually given to RESEARCH. Way back in the 90s, when I saw a report on 60 Minutes about the posh salaries and limo services of United Way executives, I knew that behind the scenes, a mere fraction of monies actually go to education and research, the two areas people making donations falsely believe ALL monies are going to.

Snootiegirl said...

Well, here, isn't this interesting? Their last fiscal year spent less than $25M on the ALSA. And now they have more than double that in a few short weeks. I'd say that's marketing genius. And it won't be long before the mimics show up for other causes.

Here's the ASLA break down of funds:

Snootiegirl said...

If they are able to keep the admin percentage at the same size, imagine the funds going to research.

I agree that you have to choose your charities carefully. I do not donate to the UW bc of their support for BSA and their homophobic agenda. I also don't like the Salvation Army requiring a declaration of Christianity for their help. I don't put money in the buckets at Xmas.

But I'm glad to see money and awareness go toward this cause. I have friends who have Huntington's disease in their family which is another disease in the same family as ALS. I'd love to have seen a campaign to fund research on that.