Friday, August 29, 2014

TGiF 829

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For another quiet Fassy week, Fassinating Fassbender website visits have gone through the roof! We have nearly tripled our visits this week and I don't know why, but I'm not complaining! I reckon the slow release of Frank has something to do with that, and that's a great thing. Because I'm going to watch it for the second time at the Landmark theatre in Royal Oak on Saturday with friends. The Landmark theatre group has a contest to giveaway a cast signed Frank poster - yup, it's been signed by Michael, Lenny, Domhnall, and Maggie - a must have! Go here to enter. I may even take my frank mask and have my picture taken at the theater marquee for shits and giggles! Dare me?

This week's TGIFassy image is Michael Fassbender's Magneto and it was announced a couple weeks ago that the EXTENDED version DVD/Blu-ray of 'Days of Future Past' will be released on October 14th. A longer version of this already great film is definitely welcomed news. Plus, that may mean more Fassy, and that's always a good thing, especially with this film being so heavy with a diverse cast of X-Men. Meanwhile, the JoBlo website reports that Michael would like to have a hand in developing Magneto's plot in the next Xmen film, 'Apocalypse'.

If you need to kill some time and need a quick memory lane article about Michael, check out AZCentral's 'Five Essential Michael Fassbender Films'. Do you agree? I would have replaced one of those films with his performance in Prometheus.

TGIFassy and go see Frank this weekend!


Martha said...

I am all set to go on Monday!!!

More possible screen time for Fassy in DOFP. YEAH!

More traffic here at FF. Very Cool.

Michael is getting to be more well known and that is good.

Happy viewing all of you who are going this weekend.

Martha said...

Frank was a wonderful story. I absolutely loved it! It was very moving. Glad I took the time to go and see it even if it was a bit of a drive.

Those who have not seen it. GO!!! Have a great week all.