Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Temporary Replacement for Michael Fassbender at TIFF!

Sorry, I'm not at TIFF this year!
Let the record show that for my personal and professional blogging interests, no actor, regardless of how handsome, talented, and strong his British accent is, will never, ever replace Michael Fassbender. As I am getting ready for my 11th TIFF visit, Michael Fassbender will not be in Toronto this year. However, his friend Benedict Cumberbatch will be, and I will certainly be covering him and his film, 'The Imitation Game', next Tuesday evening. Please keep an eye out on my Theatre of Zen blog which features coverage of TIFF annually and my other interests. Also, if you're curious, check out my 2014 TIFFr film schedule, I'm seeing 14 films this year!

My TIFF tickets - I have another one for 'Mommy' not seen here.

Fassinating Fassbender will not be updated while I'm in Toronto, however, this is the perfect time to remind you of FF at Facebook which is updated daily by my great team, Stephanie and Vera! For this week's Fassy film, they are featuring 'Haywire', co-starring the cool Gina Carano with the best portion of the movie filmed in Dublin with Michael! Did you know that it received an 80% FRESH score at Rotten Tomatoes? My Fassinator pal April and I will be visiting Ireland together next spring, and we will hang out in Dublin for a few days, and definitely make a pit stop at The Shelbourne for at least a drink.

I hope you got a chance to listen to my first podcast, which is just an introduction to the new media enhancement of the FF communities! Thanks, and I'll see you next week!

Benedict Cumberbatch is a great temporary replacement at TIFF for Michael Fassbender.


Myriam Cronk said...


Enjoy deservingly so!! Looking forward to hearing; reading; viewing your pics with regards to your visit :) Definitely looking forward to checking out the Podcast as well. Safe travels - xoxo Myriam

Anonymous said...

Excellent list of TIFF films! I'll be at some of those screenings too!
So surprised that Slow West and Macbeth didn't make it to TIFF this year!

Hupsakeek said...

Enjoy and I will read all about it on ToZ!
Can't wait your review of Map to the Stars. I've seen it but like to know what you think of it :)