Friday, September 12, 2014

TGIF 912


My apologies for the delay in posting the TGiFassy image of this week. I'm under the weather due to sickly TIFFrs breathing and coughing their diseased breath upon thee. I clearly recall the moment I was infected. I was sitting in the second row for Mr. Turner on Monday afternoon, and this nasty loud man sat behind me and was coughing up a storm and hacking. When he coughed, the creep didn't cover his mouth like a civilized person, instead, he coughed at the back of my head/face and immediately contaminated me. I felt his breath on the ride side of my face [INFECTED!] I moved towards the back of the theater and muttered 'asshole' as I walked away. My nose is clogged up, throat is sore, I'm pale, my eyes are red - but no coughing. I'm just messed up. But I'll live.

An image of Michael in France was posted yesterday to me via twitter and it was posted at Pinterest. I reckon it's a picture of him taken in late July/early August, so it's nothing really new or exciting.

This week's TGIF image of Michael Fassbender should cheer me up this Friday and if you're ready for the weekend, this too should perk you up. The only news I read about Michael was that he and Rachel Weisz will be heading to New Zealand next week to start working on The Light Between Oceans. And if his filming of Slow West in NZ last year is any indication of what to expect this time around, there may be very, very few images of him photographed while filming.

But surely, we'll keep on Fassbendering because that's just what we do. For those interested, my Cumberbatch TIFF article has been posted at Theatre of Zen.


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