Friday, September 19, 2014

TGIF 919

Michael Fassbender is down under in the other down under.
According to tweets and Instagram postings in the past 48-hours, Michael Fassbender is in New Zealand, a week before he starts filming his second film there, 'The Light Between Oceans'. He's been seen hanging out on Cuba Street at a club called Laundry in Wellington, but filming will be done at an undisclosed location in Marlborough. Filming may take two months and be completed just before the holidays.

Hopefully during his time in New Zealand, we'll get updates about his filming activities. I tell ya, after the past two weeks of focusing on things TIFF, I'm so ready for our next deluge of Fassy news and information. If some of you have read my latest articles at Theatre of Zen, you know that I got a glimpse of the dark side of a different fandom. And let's just say this, I rue the day if Michael ever has to compete against Benedict Cumberbatch for,... anything! And no matter how more popular one actor's name is over another at the present, if you take a look at IMDB, only 20 positions on the popularity scale separates them. Michael is currently at the #41 position, and Benedict is at #21. So even though Michael has been very low-profile, as that's his preference, our boy is still in the Top 50 of all human being male actors, especially since there's not much news and info to discuss about him. Sure, Frank is out in 8 theaters, and it's currently available for viewing on iTunes and VOD, but other than that, Google alerts have been quite weak with the daily Fassy alerts.

According to, they have confirmed that the curiously delayed production of Assassin's Creed has taken yet another hit. The second projected release date of August 7, 2015 for Creed has been dropped, and now taken up by another superhero film that will be released on that date instead. I knew months ago that the August date was too early for a film that hadn't even started filming yet to be released, and this confirms it. However, as we all read online from Michael himself earlier this summer, he's gungho about the project and was inspired by all the Internet chatter about the film. So he's still onboard, but, it's unknown when the film will go into production and be filmed. We don't even know what role in the film Michael will play, as many have speculated that he will not play the main character of Desmond, but instead, some other cool character. I don't play video games, let alone Assassin's Creed, so I am clueless as to what 'other' role he would play, besides producer. But this will continue to provide career related gossip fodder to keep us on our Fassy toes.

Also, I have been so busy with TIFF, and then very sick upon my return, that I completely failed to acknowledge the 6th anniversary of Fassinating Fassbender on 8 September. Thanks for supporting the blog all these years!



Snootiegirl said...

Happy Anniversary, Simone! You remain a great touchstone for many of us interested in Michael and film in general. Cheers!

The Ekairidium said...
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The Ekairidium said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for gifting humanity with this blog! You have been my number one source of all things Fassy and it's a shame I only discovered this blog last year! I'm late to the party but I am here to stay! :D <3