Friday, September 26, 2014


Michael Fassbender is well underway in New Zealand filming a movie with Rachel Weisz. Other than that, that's all we know. You would think after seven and a half years of following the career of this dude, I would be able to cook up something more than that. But sorry, there's nothing new out there for Fassy, even the media is 'bumping' up old and irrelevant information just to be able to write about him. This has happen many times before - going weeks on end without any news, information, or new pictures of Michael. What I don't like is having the blog be as quiet due to Fassy news being quiet. But what can you do?

To track how well Frank has done in its micro-release in the States, I went to Box Office Mojo to review the tally, and the box office gross for this fantastic film is representative of a low-budget , low-marketed independent film. I believe Frank has the stuff to become a cult classic and it should do well on Netflix. Let's face it, there are just certain films that people don't care to go see at the theater, but they'll check it out on Netflix or Redbox, or maybe even buy the DVD. I will happily add Frank to my Blu-ray collection when it's for sale. And speaking of that, X-Men: Days of Future Past will be out on video on October 14th (pre-order yours via the FF Amazon link on the sidebar). Just imagine, for the holidays, you could get two 2014 Fassbender films as gifts. I speculate that Frank may be available on DVD sometime in late November or early December.

Well, it's my birthday on the 30th and I have a some weekend plans, so...



Hupsakeek said...

TGIF! Although the internet makes the world 'smaller', New Zealand feels like it is the end of the world. No supporters there? But on the other hand it must be great to film without any disturbance.
Still no 'Frank' here in The Netherlands. It was scheduled for september, but no futher info. I guess it will not play in the theatre here. Bummer. I think I will write a mail to the Dutch distributor.
And birthday wishes are on their way. But perhaps you receive them on your next birthday :)

Simone said...

Sorry you couldn't experience Frank in the theater Marjan!

thank you for birthday wishes! xoxo

Martha said...

Happy Birthday Simone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Another Fassbender dry spell. Hope it ends soon. At least DOFP and Frank will be coming to home video soon and I will be able to add them to my collection. I really enjoyed these two flicks, so hopefully it will help pass the time till the next Fassbender sighting.

Simone Cromer said...

thank you Martha!

We have survived previous Fassy dry spells, we'll survive this one. :)