Monday, October 27, 2014

FASSY: Films to Watch In Absentia

While Michael Fassbender is busy in New Zealand filming on a private and closed set, I thought of a fun way to keep Fassinator's spirits high and thinking about Michael while he's In Absentia.

Here are five films that spell out F-A-S-S-Y that I would like you to consider viewing this week and posting in this thread your opinions of the Fassy In Absentia Fassinator Private Film Festival yes I just pulled that outta my butt. In future honors of Michael, I welcome your In Absentia film schedule suggestion to share with your fellow fans.

Have fun, and don't worry, Michael will be back our limelight in due time.


Fish Tank - Michael Fassbender is a sexy secretive man guest in a house of females. He's naughty.


A Dangerous Method - In this well made, but slow pace period drama, Michael is Carl Jung spanking a spastic Keira Knightley and butting psychological heads with Viggo Mortensen's Sigmund Freud.


Shame - Michael plays a sex addict who is ashamed of his addiction but just can't find the real motivation to end this emotionally draining psychological condition.


Sherlock - The Case of the Silk Stocking - If only there were twin Fassys on the planet, we wouldn't have to have an In Absentia Fassy Private Film Festival. But in this case, both Fassys are not the kind of blokes we'd want to be close to anyway. But still, they're so sexy.


(12) Years a Slave - Michael's Oscar nominated role is a brutal depiction of a sick and drunken slave owner really turns your stomach. An important, but must be seen, hard to watch film from Oscar winner Steve McQueen.

Have fun this week with the Fassy In Absentia film festival!


Stephanie Czekalski said...

Very good movie selection for the Fassy In Absentia film festival ;)

Jhessye said...

This is seriously going to be one of the best film festival ever! Very Creative!!!!! I am loving it!!!!