Friday, November 21, 2014

TGIF 1121

Michael is wondering why TGiFassy is hovering near his shoulder.

Michael Fassbender popped up in Australia this week with an appearance at Risk Sound, a sound production company in Melbourne. Perhaps they were working on the sound for the movie he's currently filming in New Zealand. It was good to see him, and he looked very happy too. The only other news we heard this week was that Michael's reported Steve Jobs biopic is in need of another studio. Sony pulled out from the film yesterday and already there is interest from Universal studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The musical chairs of this film is par for course in Hollywood, so once the dust settles, we'll know for 100% if Michael will be Steve Jobs, who his co-stars will be, and which studio will support it.

Now that it's near the end of November and Thanksgiving is next week, it's that time of year for sending Holiday greetings to Michael. For the third year in a row, the Fassinating Fassbender admin team will send a specially designed holiday card to Michael in London. But the message is from ALL of FF fandom in that we at Fassinating Fassbender wish him a safe and prosperous holiday season. I'm grateful to a last minute emergency ordering through Shutterfly which allowed me to create a most beautiful card. I was disappointed with how Zazzle dropped the ball in creating this year's card. They upped the ante on protecting celebrity images and their name so they didn't want to create this year's FF card. They didn't want to produce the card because of Michael Fassbender's name being in the word cloud. After waiting a few weeks for the product, I had to call them to check on the status, only to learn that they canceled it without tell me. WTF? So, I dropped those useless bitches and killed the FF Zazzle store. Don't fuck with my Fassbender! LOL! The cool thing about all of this is that Shutterfly produced not only a higher quality product, but I received it quicker too with no censorship crap.  We don't send Michael gifts, Lord knows he receives enough from his fans, but this greeting card is unique, and given straight to him. It'll be mailed in a week. Check it out!

The cover is pearlized. Ohhhh, ahhhh!


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Marrilynn R said...

By sent directly to him do you mean his house or his agent at Troika?