Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Michael Fassbender Hangin' at Bondi Beach

Perfect legs and great feet for flip flops!

The media has been like us, thirsty as hell for new information and more importantly, images of Michael Fassbender down under. More pics of him and his co-star hanging out and enjoying the sun of Bondi Beach have appeared at the Daily Mail, and the same kinds of comments are being made by the same kind of people who have been making the same comments all the long. Can't Michael Fassbender be friendly with co-stars and hang out with them without wild speculation and projections being made? I guess not. I love Michael's t-shirt, so appropriate for a guy with such a great smile!

I believe filming for The Light Between Oceans will be completed by Christmas so that everyone can enjoy their holiday break[It appears filming has wrapped up about a week ago]  Back when I was a youngin in the early to mid 80s, I was fascinated by musicians from Australia (INXS, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, Olivia Newton John), and I have always wanted to go to the land down under. But it's expensive as hell and you practically need a Star Trek transporter to get there. Bondi Beach is famous the world over and since I fancy beaches, I have to go there one day. Yet another destination to add to my bucket list!

Michael and his Elton Johnish sunglasses.


Takhesis said...

Oh my God, I decided to simply avoid the comments sections of these articles. As you said, always the same people, who make the same comments all the same time... =_= Bah, don't have time nor patience for this crap anymore.
Well, don't be surprised if they will see him helping an old lady to cross the street, and they will speculate if he is banging her, LOL!
By the way, I like the photos, and I like the way he enjoys his free time with his co-star. But I don't think there is more than a friendship here.

Simone said...

Agreed. If Fassy is seen changing the flat tire on the car of a mom with five kids sitting in the car, people will speculate which kid is his and if she's currently pregnant with his baby. LOL!

English Major, Interrupted said...

It does sort of look like they're together, according to the recent pictures in this article:

Simone said...

Yup, I just created a new blog post. Thanks!

ButMadNNW said...

Poor lad looks so annoyed in that second photo. It's always nice to see photos of him, but I prefer non-papparazzi shots that he approved being taken. Don't like the thought of his private life being invaded. :-(