Monday, December 15, 2014

Michael Still in Australia

Someone posted on Twitter, today, 15 Dec (then removed it) that she saw Michael and Daddy Fassbender at a Greek restaurant in Byron Bay. Although she admitted that stared him down throughout the meal, she had the manners to not take a photo of him eating or asking for a 'selfie'. There are still decent people in the world. I appreciate these hit and run eye-spy tweets much more than bragging selfies and intrusive secret pictures of someone stuffing food into their mouth.

In the weeks since the Sony Pictures Studios hackings, more emails have been leaked to the media and there's still no word if this all left a sour taste in Michael's mouth and turning him off from the project. The one thing that's making me think that he's still on board is that a) Danny Boyle wants him and believes in Michael, and b) Universal Studios is producing the film. Amy Pascal at Sony dropped the ball and after you read the additional emails about why they had so little faith in Michael, it's like a blessing in disguise that this worthy movie is still going to be made, and it has two of the best people involved in it, Boyle and Fassbender.

Mashable has an excellent timeline article about how the Jobs film was so poorly handled by the loons at Sony and eventually found a permanent home with Universal.

In a final word about the Sony hackings, I have no interest in delving more deeper into the leaked/stolen emails beyond the topic related to the Steve Jobs film and Michael Fassbender. As unfortunate as it is to have had these emails criminally hacked, the select documents that I have focused on have provided a wealth of information as to how the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing go down at big film studios, and how the biases and egos of studio VPs and Presidents can derail a project. In this case, the complete lack of faith and interest in a particular talent being sought to star in a film has lead to one studio losing the film, and another studio smartly picking it up. I believe that the Steve Jobs film is going to be an event and make Michael Fassbender the movie star some studio executives foolishly don't believe he currently is.


English Major, Interrupted said...

I wonder if Michael and his dad are traveling around Australia on motorcycles? I remember reading somewhere that they've done that in Europe, I think. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Simone said...

Well it is summer time down under so that would be a cool holiday thing to do with his father. :)