Friday, January 30, 2015

Michael, as Steve Jobs

Here are some great images of Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen on the set of Steve Jobs in Cupertino today. I love Michael's style. I expected his hair to be darker, but, light auburn is fine with me. Pics from tumblr land. 

An article about these pictures can be found at The Daily Mail.


Kruschelkasten said...

I wonder if the film will stand the hype. You wouldn't believe it but they actually had a short news snippet in Germany about Michael playing Steve Jobs. ;)

And as Frank still has no premiere date over here, I bought an English DVD via the Internet. To tell the truth I have to watch it again with a different frame of mind, because when I saw the film I watched it with the idea of it “being a comedy”, which means funny from start to finish, so I was a little “taken aback” at the end.


Anonymous said...

Looking good ! :) I'm not really interested in the movie/Steve Jobs himself but it's still one more occasion to see Michael on screen.

By the way, Frank is due to be in cinemas next Wednesday here in France. I had really no idea so I was immensely pleased to see the posters in the subway yesterday ! I bought the DID back in September when I was in Edinburgh, but I'll still go and see the movie to show my support (and my appreciation to the French movie industry because I really didn't think they would release it, let alone in cinemas)

Simone said...

I'm confident the Steve Jobs film will survive the pre-production gossip and hype, just look at the all the talent involved with it.

Regarding Frank "being a comedy". It's more considered a black comedy, it has funny bits in it, but overall, the film was more of a 'dramedy' comedy/drama because of the more serious issue it addressed: mental illness.