Friday, February 13, 2015

Marion & Michael in Assassin's Creed

It has been announced today that Marion Cotillard will star with Michael Fassbender again in Assassin's Creed, after working with him on MacBeth. In fact, the same two stars and the director of Macbeth, Justin Kurzel, is directing Creed too. This is excellent news, I love, love, love Marion (we share the same birth date!), and I'm so excited about all the great news about Creed's pre-production work today!

According to Entertainment Weekly, stars and directors often hook up with each other on small indie gigs and then do big budget blockbusters, or vice versa.

Among movie stars, the business model is widely known as “One for them, one for me”: an appearance in a small, heartfelt film followed up by a paycheck part in a presumed blockbuster.
Assassin’s Creed also marks a reunion for Fassbender and Cotillard, who star together in Macbeth, a kind of gothic reimagining of the Shakespeare classic directed by Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel, that arrives in theaters later this year. In what might also be fairly called a “one for them” maneuver, Kurzel is also directing Assassin’s Creed and seems to have succeeded in regrouping his A-list his principles.
It's also been reported that Michael will be playing the main character, Desmond Miles, and I think at this point, it's a generally accepted expectation and assumption. This is a nice coup for Michael and DMC Films.


Stephanie Czekalski said...

Hello Simone,

I'm glad that Michael will work with Marion Cotillard one more time.

And I hope , they will work inn the future on a Guillaume Canet project.

Martha said...

This is great news indeed. Two people who are excellent in their craft coming together again. I'm sure this movie will be a lot of fun to make as well. A big paycheck I imagine doesn't hurt eithe.

Because I am often told that my fandom borders on obsession I have found a new new name for myself, I call myself "A very informed fan". LOL

So those of us who are very informed fans find this news exciting. I know this will be a great experience for the peoe involved but we as fans will really like this movie. All around I predict this will make $$$

Hupsakeek said...

WOW, that is some great news! Just like Stephanie I hope that they will be in a Guillaume Canet project. But for now this will do :)
I can imagine they get the best out of each other so 1+1 =3 and that is something no one can complain about!