Friday, February 13, 2015

TGIF 2.13.15

I mentioned on Twitter this week how interesting it would be if it were announced that Michael Fassbender would be a presenter at this year's Academy Awards. Two of his 12YAS co-stars will be presenters: Lupita and Chiwetel. It's a nice honor to present because the exposure of being on stage in front of a worldwide audience is an outstanding opportunity for people to see you, and you get a crazy celebrity gift package with thousands of dollars worth of exclusive products. I just figured that since Michael is filming in California, the timing would be perfect.

Are you going to see that 50 Shades of Grey crap this Valentine's weekend? Remember when so many people fantasized about how awesome it would be for Michael Fassbender to be Christian Grey because of his performance in Shame? A part of me wants to go there for complete shits and giggles, and the other part of me should use that money to buy some Liquid Plumr for my clogged bathroom sink. However, if I go to the theater on a Wednesday, all seats are only $5. Hmmmm - but I need to unclog my drain first. For the record, I'm glad Michael was no where near being considered. Can you imagine how our fanbase would have been completely altered with an influx of old girls who enjoy that book? Whew!

Earlier this week I have confirmed that we will be sponsoring the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday fundraiser in support of The Bike Experience. I'm very excited to help raise much needed funds for TBE, and to honor Michael's 38th birthday. More information will be posted next week.

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Takhesis said...

I was so glad that Michael was out that this Fifth Shades crap. When I saw any discussion about this, I thought "Ew, no!!!" Even if they offered the role to him, I don't think he would accept, he had so much exposure with Shame, and maybe people could have the wrong ideia of him as an actor with "sexual appeal" (I know he has it, but in a good way, not cheap fantasy)

Simone said...

I remember when I was at my former place of employment, I was on the computer checking up on the blog. Some woman passed by me, looked at my screen and said, 'Is he going to be Christian Grey?'

I'm like, WTF? No. I told her that this actor isn't into that sort of stuff, he's an ACTOR. I'm such a proper bitch when I'm defending and explaining to commoners about Michael Fassbender. LOL!