Thursday, March 26, 2015

Five Days Remaining!

ETA: Thank you Kendra R for your SECOND donation! Thank you, thank you!

With just five days left, it's my hopes that we can receive more donations. But if not, the people who have demonstrated the kindness to donate should be very proud! So far, 15 people have donated, and that means 15 people support The Bike Experience in their quest to help disabled people ride modified motorbikes to allow them to once again enjoy the thrill and freedom of riding a motorbike. Also, these 15 people want their name to be added to the birthday greeting to Michael, which he will receive on his birthday.

In these remaining days, if you want to be among this select group of compassionate supporters of Michael Fassbender and The Bike Experience, please do so soon. As in the past two years, there was a rally of support at the very end, so thank you in advance for planning to donate at the time that is most convenient for you!


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