Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just 13 more days

We did not receive any donations for the St. Patrick's Day challenge, and that's ok. I was set to give out a surprise prize for whoever donated the most on that day. But alas, we still have 13 more days of the fundraiser, and whatever amount we end up raising, it will be greatly appreciated by The Bike Experience! I know Michael Fassbender is happy that we're raising monies for a worthy charity in honor of his birthday, so this happy smiling photo of Michael makes me happy and reminds me of the good we're doing for TBE.

I know this time of  year is uncomfortable for some Fassinators who aren't interested in the fundraiser, but just bare with us, it's just 13 more days.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to give with PayPal. Any way to do that?

Simone said...

Hi Deborah, thanks for your interest in donating to the fundraiser.

In the first year, several people wanted to donate via paypal, unfortunately that option is not available at JustGiving, however, if you like, you are welcomed to send your donation to me on my verified Paypal account - and I will post your donation on your behalf. Otherwise, justgiving uses credit card.

Please email me if you have additional questions.


dianne said...

Hello Simone, I wish to donate as well. Can I make the donation through your PayPal account as well? :-)

Simone said...

Hi Dianne, we would appreciate your support again. Please go to paypal and send your donation to

Once I get the money, I'll transfer it to my account, and post your donation under your name.

I also accept checks/money order by mail.

Thank you!