Friday, March 13, 2015

TGIF 3.13.15

We're just a few weeks away from Michael's 38th birthday and there's still plenty of time for you to make a donation to support The Bike Experience. Thus far, we have raised £244 and have quite a ways to go to meet our goal of £1100! Thanks to Aimee and Andrea for their donations this week!

Consider this:

1. Your donation will make you feel great about supporting a wonderful charity.
2. Your donation will help The Bike Experience help more people this year.
3. You'll be among a fine and select group of Fassinators to contribute.
4. Your name will be added to Michael's birthday greeting, which he will receive!

If you're hesitant to participate in this annual fundraiser, ask yourself why. All it takes is a minimum donation of £5, and you can also make an anonymous donation if you don't want your participation made public on the fundraiser page.

I'm pleased with the donation pledges I have been notified about, and I'm greatly impressed with how committed some fans are in making their donations an annual event in which they are not hesitant to give. If you plan to donate, but it will be late in the fundraiser, thank you. But if you are scratching your head about if you should donate, please stop thinking about it and do it. You'll feel good, I promise!  Donate.


Weekend donations: Thanks Martha!

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