Friday, April 24, 2015

TGIF 4.24.15

Michael Fassbender has now gone into undercover hiding between the filming of two different movies (Steve Jobs and X-Men: Apocalypse), and I don't blame him. We'll see enough of him from Canadian reports of the X-Men filming, as well as next month's Cannes appearance in support of Macbeth.  According to some comments I have read on the Internet in the past week, some people are very upset and being judgmental about Michael not attending the Tribeca Film Festival - like, how dare he, dammit! Some of these very people need to relax and understand that schedule conflicts prevent Michael from attending some special event screenings of a film he's starring in. Just because you want him at a certain place and a certain time, with a certain person, doing what you think he should be doing, doesn't mean that he's obligated to do so, or being unprofessional. Since some of you like tea so much, drink a hot cup of chamomile and calm the hell down! As long as the other principle actors like Kodi Smit-McPhee and the brilliant Ben Mendelsohn were in attendance there, as well as at Sundance, the film is being properly supported by some of its stars. Slow West will debut in the US on May 15th, and I can't wait to see it because it has been receiving great reviews, like a 91% at Rotten Tomatoes!



Anonymous said...

Aw shit classes will still be up and running during the Cannes Festival... Guess I'll have to just follow it on TV as usual :(

English Major, Interrupted said...

There's supposedly a pic of him on Instagram in Madrid

April said...

I'm just looking forward to all the new movies he'll be in - it will come soon enough :)

Anonymous said...

He's on vacation at Spain with Alicia :) yes you can imagine all the outrage and conspiracy theories lol. It's all for publicity stunt!! (never mind that there's no pap shots whatsoever, at this point they should just stay at home for the rest of their life because everytime they stepped out together, they'd be accused for publicity stunt or some other hidden agendas.. Like, how dare he takes a walk or goes on vacation with his girlfriend like couples usually do??!)
I actually glad they decided to take some well-deserved vacation , they've been working a lot. He probably just need some time off before going back to work for X men... Give the man a break!

Hupsakeek said...

Nothing to add. The post and the comments are clear.
He is an actor and not some circus act.