Friday, May 15, 2015

TGIF 5.15.15

But it still works.
Today is opening day for Slow West in theaters! I'm sure you will enjoy it, as I know I will too when I see it. Sadly, I'm going to purposefully delay seeing it for a few weeks because it's going to be at the film festival that I will be working at in just a few more weeks, so I will watch it then. However, I encourage all of you to go see it, because this is the first Fassbender film since last summer's Frank and X-Men:DOFP! Speaking of X-Men, Michael is filming in Montreal at the moment, however, he will be taking off for France any day now to attend the Cannes premiere of Macbeth late next week. It'll be the final film to screen on May 23rd.

Did you read that "interview" of Michael with Variety from Wednesday? I've already expressed by disgust with the lack of professionalism, and lack of active listening skills the "reporter" demonstrated during his "interview" with Michael, so I won't go there again. However, Michael's responses were smart and witty, and very patient with a nitwit. We learned that Michael can't be arsed with going to the gym, he's just naturally lean and sexy; still can't stand LA; he's willing to play Magneto 100 more times;  he relies on the internet for information about him (FF is the best source dude!); and he wants to direct one day but helping produce films is keeping him busy. But the true gem of this article is that Michael is like me, he likes to hold onto shit until it ain't working no more. He's a clinger!

Apparently Michael has a busted iPhone 4. He has mentioned this in a previous interview from earlier this month, and it's no big deal, loads of people have iPhone 4. But because Michael is a wealthy A-list celebrity guy, some segments of society think he should have iPhone 6, and gold, to boot. But Michael isn't like that, he likes his 4 series, and better yet, it WORKS and it's still functional for him. I love this so much and it makes me want to hug him because I can relate. I don't even have an iPhone, I have a Samsung android, and it's the first smartphone I got just last July. Yes, I finally got a smartphone in 2014, because my regular people non-smartphone, WORKED for me.

I'm also one of the last human beings who doesn't have a plasma TV yet - even my 3 year old baby nephew has a 45 inch plasma in his room. My fat, heavy 36 inch 1999 Panasonic TV still, WORKS and I like it. I have all kinds of old fashioned shit still in my possession, but the moral of this ranting confession is that, I understand why Michael is clinging onto his cracked, raggedy, old iPhone 4 - it's his and it still works. You don't owe anyone any explanations Michael, you're a clinger like me, you keep your phone and tell people to fuck off! :)

You don’t have the iPhone 6?
No, the 4 is my favorite design. I also use something until it’s no longer useable.
Your phone looks broken.
But it still works. The cover actually broke off my broken phone.



Takhesis said...

I oved his replies! xD The fact that he still has an iphone 4 didn't surprised me, because I remember his really OLD Iron Maiden shirt ( I think he has that shirt since his teens, LOL) in a photoshoot. And I love him for that. Love the fact that the fame didn't affect him, he's still try to continue being the "regular guy", despite the media and people saying the opposite.

Lilishalala Lil'Tiger said...

Hello there!!Oh boy, All of this makes us love him even more!!!Hey!! Don't worry!! I'm like you guys!! I had a Samsung S3 mobile phone and I was just fiiiiine with it. I didn't want to change it because IT WAS STILL GOOD AND WORKING!!! But I lost it (I thought I was loosing a part of myself!! lol) and I replaced it by an S4 but It is excellent and I'm not going to change it!! Same for the TV!! We still have our good old fat TV from Brandt and guess what???? Never had a problem with it and still working after 25 years!!!!THe same for our washing machine!!!As long as it works, it ain't going nowhere....Anyway, very good article on our awesome Fassy!! Keep up the good work!! Love from the city of baguettes and croissants. lol

Simone said...

@Lil'Tiger, I have a Samsung S4 mini, I got it because I deliberately did not want an iPhone because I have two iPods and was getting an iPad soon, I didn't want Apple to control my life. :)

Glad to see another clinger around - good job in maintaining that old ass fat TV. LOL! xoxo

Lilishalala Lil'Tiger said...

@Simone, Hey don't worry me too!! I've never been a fan of Apple anyway...I just wanted to stand out and say to all the Apple's Fan : "Hey!! It's not because everybody wants to desperately have an Iphone that I'm gonna do the same!! No sir!!" (well, something like The same here, I deliberately chose Samsung and was cheaper!!! LOL There's no way I'm going to spend all my money in a mobile phone particularly if I can loose it!! LOL Have a nice day my dear. :)) xoxo

Martha said...

Same here, I love that he hangs on to things. When people get their new phone and ask me if I got one too I say, "Why, there's nothing wrong with this one?" I have an iPhone 5 so it's cool he still has his 4. I plan on keeping my phone till it dies. Yes his responses to the dumb questions are great. Fassy is a great sport and made the best of a weird situation.