Friday, May 8, 2015

TGIF 5.8.15

The 68th Cannes Film Festival screening schedule was released on Thursday, and Macbeth will screen on the last day of the festival, May 23, the award ceremony is on the 24th. This sucks for me because I'll be on my holiday visit to Ireland! But Vera and Stephanie will keep you all updated on Cannes at FFF. There is nothing good or bad about the film's screening placement, it's in competition, and that's all that matters. Go to the Cannes website for additional information.

Earlier this week I announced on Twitter that the local film festival, Cinetopia, where I volunteer as a Venue Manager, will screen Slow West on June 13th. I'm so excited about a Michael Fassbender film being screened at this up and coming Mid-west film festival that screens 70 films in ten different venues in Ann Arbor and Detroit. I'm going to save my Slow West viewing virginity for the film festival. I get a free pass for the entire festival for doing manager level volunteer shifts, so I'm going to enjoy this year's festival for sure!



Stephanie Czekalski said...

Michael will probably attend the Grand Prix of Monaco on May 24!
He will not be very far ;)

Simone said...

That would be a cool adventure for him. But I don't know how tight his X-Men filming will demand of him to get back to Canada after Cannes.