Friday, June 12, 2015

TGIF 6.12.15

Michael Fassbender must feel like a juggler in a circus right now because he's been everywhere and conducting a lot of business in support of completed and pre-production filming projects; in both actor and producer modes. One minute he's in Montreal, the next afternoon he's in New York, then the next day he's spotted in London. In all instances, he was mixing business with pleasure. And as my local film festival winds down this weekend after I volunteer for 20 hours, I get to see Slow West Saturday night (it's opening in Canada on Friday). I feel now more than ever it's a great time to show the support that I have had for Michael since 2007 - more about that after the page jump.


I feel now is the time to comment on the alarming debate about Michael's personal life with his co-star Alicia Vikander.
We've been through this before - every time Michael has a new gal pal, some people (they are not fans) amp up their participation on message boards where there are discussion threads on Michael Fassbender to express their opinionated outrage. They then use those forums to write mean-spirited ramblings about his personal dating life. Other people hijack the forums to overindulge in adoringly analyzing and promoting the relationship. However, I have not seen it this bad. I have a degree in psychology from a top university, but it still alarms me to observe the amount of passionate obsession some people have invested in dissecting and judging Michael's personal life, and the woman he is hanging out with at the moment.

Michael and Alicia at Grand Prix of Monaco.
Alicia Vikander is a pretty girl and a very good actress on the rise, who happens to be Michael's co-star in The Light Between the Oceans. I don't understand the hate for her, but get used to seeing her. However, note that this is a Michael Fassbender blog, and he is the focus here. While it has been a challenge in recent weeks to tweet and post on FF@facebook fresh articles that are strictly about Michael Fassbender's career, there's enough being reported on him that is career focused. I just felt that now was a good time to remind people that there is nothing but unrelenting support for Michael Fassbender, period, and we wish him happiness in all aspects of his life.


Hupsakeek said...

Well put, Simone.
I said it before and I say it again...the reason I follow this blog is because it focusses on Michael's career. I don't check out the gossip sites or read the dirt throwing forums. I only want to know about his films and stuff DIRECTLY related to that.
Happy FFF!

Martha said...

I guess I should be glad I have not come across any of this nonsense.

Simone said...

Thanks Hupsakeek!

@Martha, I agree, but I found that to help keep me knowledgeable on the goings on with the fandom, I need to keep at least one side eye open along the fringes in order to keep things relevant and on target here at FF. :)

If I read some mad fuckery, I know some FF readers may be reading it too. Subsequently, some issues are best to be addressed with a touch of reality, respect, and sanity here.

Martha said...

Yes, I suppose you are right Simone. I am most happy to let you do the dirty work. 😄