Friday, June 5, 2015

TGIF 6.5.15

This is a portrait of Michael Fassbender at Cannes from Scott Gries. He really captures the depth of Michael's blue eyes, and the delicate wispy ginger whiskers of his perfectly handsome, chiseled face. I always look forward to the TGiFassy image because oftentimes, it's an image that I think embodies the highlight of the end of a Fassbender week. And as all the Cannes chatter winds down, and the Macbeth official trailer out, I just love this image.

I was complaining on Twitter earlier today that I was disappointed in the lack of Fassbender/Macbeth coverage in The Hollywood Reporter (THR) and Entertainment Weekly, both of which I have a print subscription to. For the past three issues, THR covered Cannes, but they couldn't be arsed to have one picture of Michael. They did print his name in a brief article in passing, along with a bunch of other celebrities that attended AmFar, but that's it! I'm biased, obviously, but Macbeth is a film event, and it stars two of the best performers of their generation: Michael, and Marion Cotillard. Alas, there are many stars vying for the same attention so I guess the ones with the loudest PR team wins. To conclude Fassy Cannes 2015, there is a new interview video with Michael, Marion, and Justin Kurzel, the director, posted up at Daily Motion.

This weekend, for a second year in a row, I start my volunteer work at the Cinetopia Film Festival here in Ann Arbor and Detroit. I'm a Venue Manager Supervisor. I'll oversee all the volunteers and box office at a Detroit venue where my two screenings will show (one of ten theaters for the entire festival). Michael's 'Slow West' will screen this Sunday evening at a different Detroit theater, and next Saturday in Ann Arbor. Because I have several other volunteer roles through the week, I'm saving my screening for the movie for next Saturday, after the end of my last volunteer shift. This is the fourth year of this new regional film festival and we have expanded it from four days, to ten this year. As much as I love movies and film festivals, it's great to be a part of a hometown film festival that attracts some high quality films and talent.

If you're interested in viewing my photo album for my Killarney and London holiday, visit my Flickr.



April said...

Simone, hope you have a lot of fun at the film fest, and enjoy "Slow West!"

Hupsakeek said...

Can't wait to read your review of slow west!
I totally agree on picking this picture of Michael. It's stunning.
Now I'm gonna enjoy your pics on flickr!