Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Michael's 'Steve Jobs' say iNo to TIFF! (Updated)

TIFF, where the hell is Michael Fassbender?
I've been attending TIFF since 2004, four pre-Fassbender years earlier, and I have trekked to Toronto every year since then like the true cinephile that I am. The end of July is fun because that's when TIFF announce the first 50+ film titles that will be shown at TIFF in September and I start planning which films I have to see. With Michael Fassbender being a workaholic the past 18 months, and being absent at TIFF in 2014, surely, SURELY, at least one of his films will screen at TIFF. Surely! Well, shit, in the first round of TIFF announcements this morning, there were no Michael Fassbender films announced! The New York Film Festival did the bragging rights dance on Monday by announcing that they will be featuring Steve Jobs as a centerpiece screening, mere days before the film's wide release on October 9th.
Steve Jobs would have been revered at TIFF!
However, it will not be a world premiere at NYFF, so it got me excited in thinking that it would SURELY screen at TIFF. But, as per this article at The Guardian claims, sources declared that Jobs would bypass Toronto and Venice! I continued to hold out hope that their "source" was incorrect. Well, when TIFF made their announcement today, it was a Fassbender Free Zone. I was going to let the Jobs movie slide as long as TIFF got Macbeth, but it appears that Weinstein is asleep at the wheel for that movie, and the third long shot film, The Light Between Oceans, may not be on the radar for any film festival this year. I'm trying not to trip out because there are at least 200 film titles yet to be unveiled. In the years that I have attended TIFF, there have been some last minute gems announced that were mind blowing cool, so I'm hoping that ONE Michael Fassbender movie screens at TIFF this year! After all, it's TIFF's 40th anniversary, it's a special year, dammit!

Meanwhile, the overrated, uber exclusive, tucked away in some posh little ski-resort town in Colorado, the Telluride Film Festival, will most likely yawn, then pull out their dick a week before the festival starts on Sept 4th, and nonchalantly announce that they have the world premiere of Steve Jobs at their festival, yawn. I mean, I wouldn't mind attending Telluride one day just to say I went there. The celebrities wear plaid shirts and jeans and it's calm and pretty and stuff. But it's almost like a secret society in how one buy movie passes there (you buy these expensive passes FIRST before having an inkling what will screen there - a true cinephile experience), you have to fly in a private plane to get there, and the producers/studio people who can't be arsed to deal with Canadians go to Telluride instead of Toronto (I'm half serious and half sarcastic).

Realistically speaking, for a film that will be placed under the microscope, and is scheduled to be released in October anyway, I'm thinking that the festival circuit has to be brief for the sake of redundancy and hype fatigue, and to limit pre-release day critical chatter, both good and bad. So, TPTB selected the first North American fall film festival, and the other American festival that is closer to the release date of the film.  It's just such an obvious slight to bypass Toronto. I can see skipping Venice, but Toronto... it's right there in between Telluride and New York! Whatever. I'll see the movie with the commoners on October 9th. I just hope in my next update on TIFF, hope remains to see Michael in Toronto. If not, that's ok as he will be very busy filming Assassin's Creed in London.

Future heavy articles on TIFF will be concentrated at my Theatre of Zen blog. So far, it appears that my Michael substitute, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, will be at TIFF again for The Danish Girl.

ETA: Here is an interesting article from The Globe which helps explain the behind the scenes competitive drama of film festivals: As Festival Circuit Grows, TIFF Faces Stiff Competition for Film Debuts

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