Friday, July 17, 2015

TGIF 7.17.15

This week started off with great excitement of Michael attending Comic Con last weekend, and it's ending with him being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as Magneto. Did you know that this week's July 24th issue of EW represents the first magazine cover featuring Michael Fassbender this year? Well, before we trip out, his heaviest films are being saved for Oscar season, so expect to see feature articles and him on the cover of some big magazines this Fall. That should make up for the Fassy mainstream media drought of the first nine months of 2015.

Also this week, there was a test screening of Steve Jobs in New York City, and the majority of the feedback was very positive about the film and Michael. In these times when we're so anxious to see the new work of an artist, because we focus so much attention upon them, we can become hasty in wanting to know how good, or bad, a film project is being perceived. Test screenings are developed to gauge audience reactions on a film that has yet to undergo the final editing process. So at this stage, it's important for the director and studio to make note of the constructive criticism, and use the time before the film's world premiere to correct, edit, or even omit problem spots to ensure that the final product is indeed the best representation of the director's vision.

The film that the test screen audience saw on Monday night will not be the one we'll see in October when it's released. So after I read a few complimentary opinions from tweeters Monday night, I had my fill and didn't need to read anymore. I trust that those that matter, are aware of people's thoughts and will confidently make some editorial tweaks so that we can see a brilliant film.

Lost in all the X-Men and Steve Jobs chatter was Macbeth, and that is why I'm using a still from that film this week. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing Macbeth and I have a gut feeling it'll be a double Fassy experience at TIFF in September.

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Hupsakeek said...

Well not in time for Fassy Friday, but I hope everyone will have a great (Fassy) weekend :)
I'm planning on watching a DVD....with Michael of course. X-men days of the future past because of my boyfriend (action and he hasn't seen it).
Beautiful still from Macbeth!
I was surprised to see a Slow West announcement at my local cinema.
No date (yet) when it will be on screen there. officially it's planned for half September (according IMDB), but perhaps they do a special (pre) screening. Fingers crossed.

Simone said...

I hope you get to see Slow West on the big screen, it's a great Western and Michael looks so good in it.

I'm going to watch The Counselor this weekend, I haven't seen it in a while.