Friday, July 31, 2015

TGIF 7.31.15

The font name used for the TGiFassy meme is called, Magneto. How appropriate eh! 

Here is a new still of the lumberjack 80's family man on the down low Magneto from X-Men: Apocalypse. I really enjoy Michael's version of Magneto and I certainly hope that there are more opportunities for him on future X-Men movies. Perhaps a stand alone movie for him, like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. So while Michael is currently in Montreal working on X-Men, I've been engaged in various discussions about the upcoming fall festival season, and concerned about the lack of no US release date for Macbeth.

I posted a Macbeth debate related link here on the blog from the facebook page of FF on Thursday. However, I removed it a few hours later because there appeared to be some sort of corruption in the embedded facebook code that prompts an advertisement page to pop up when you visit the blog, and that's totally not cool. I've noticed that in the past but I thought it was a glitch in the system, but now I realize it's connected when I add one of my facebook links here to the blog, so, I won't be doing that anymore.  Anyway, US fans of Michael's Macbeth film are getting concerned by what we perceive to be the step-child treatment of Macbeth by The Weinstein Company. Here is a film that features Michael Fassbender and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, in a sexy goth version of Macbeth that's been slightly de-Scottished (a word I just made up but you get my point), and which was filmed in early 2014. It's almost August 2015 and with the European release dates announced by Studio Canal for Macbeth, there has been no word on when Macbeth will be released here in the states. It just gives us pause to ask what the heck's going on, why the delay, why the indifference? One glance at the 'In Theaters and Coming Soon' menu at the Weinstein website and you will scratch your head bald wondering where the hell is Macbeth.

There are August, October, and December release dates of select Weinstein films listed, but Macbeth is not on the release schedule yet. I simply ask, why not? If you visit the Studio Canal webpage, they have the release schedule at the top of the page where you can click on the region of interest, and you will find the Euro release dates of Macbeth. I would appreciate if the Weinstein webpage would at least acknowledge Macbeth and have it listed as, 'coming soon'. There is also the argument that Macbeth will not do well with American audiences, so there is no rush for Weinstein to release it now, especially since he wouldn't want it to interfere with the Oscar chances of his preferred films/performances. Well, why would he spend millions of dollars to buy it just to hide it? You don't buy a movie with Michael and Marion just to sit on it, or do you? If that's the case, just allow it to show at a few fall festivals, and put it in very limited hush hush release in Nov or Dec, and let it be. But obviously, someone, somewhere fears the damage that Macbeth could possibly do to other films in contention, so, let's suppress it for a while and pretend it doesn't exist at the moment. Or perhaps, they'll release it next Feb or March when it's safe and won't cause trouble.

Cultured Americans deserve to see the Fassbender/Cotillard Macbeth this year!
Either way, I'm very irritated at what appears to be a deliberate attempt to keep Macbeth out of the way here in the US so that it does not compromise the performance of films that the Weinstein group prefer to support. There, I said it.



English Major, Interrupted said...

Wish there was a way you could say it to the Weinstein Company!

Simone said...

Well, I wrote it at Awards Watch but was shut down and called 'crazy'. I know Weinstein has eyes there hence the push back on us questioning this issue. Also, with the Weinstein Co being search and Googled/Binged, someone from that company will eventually come across this blog post. ;)

English Major, Interrupted said...

I went to the company's homepage. There are ways to contact them directly, if you're interested. Harvey Weinstein himself probably won't see it, but it may get you a response about Macbeth.

Go to

On the far right, the button says Connect. They have options for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Email.

If you do contact them directly, I wouldn't be rude or accusatory. Just maybe say that you want to see Macbeth, when will it be coming out or will it be at any festivals?

Simone said...

I'm aware of their website and ways to contact them. I have no interest in writing to them, and if I did, of course I would be professional.

Simone said...

This information is not worthy of a true article UPDATE edit.

Macbeth December release, then Amazon exclusive

Gee, thanks Harvey.

Gisa said...

I can think of only one reason for Harvey Weinstein's evasive actions and I hope I am wrong but it has happened in Hollywood before and can happen again. Harvey needs a tax loss. Need one say more?