Friday, July 24, 2015

The Dude! (Updated)

Read: Michael Fassbender really pulls the Big Lebowski live read together - The Guardian

Fuck yeah, man, he's the Dude!

Michael Fassbender showed up on stage to a standing ovation (looking hella sexy) dressed in a robe, white shorts and with a white Russian in hand to fill the flip flops as The Dude. (MTV)

Michael was described as going full method as The Dude by lighting up a "cigarette" and drinking a white Russian. Can we love the guy even more?

Fassbender carried the read with his charm and talent… continuously lighting “cigarettes” on stage — fully engrossed in character, while Jennifer Lawrence sat quietly beside him rolling these stage cigarettes. Gotta love the Magneto and Mystique connection. (MTV)

This must have been so much fun! I was watching the movie on Netflix while they were on stage at Montreal's Just for Laughs. Great job Michael!

Michael and Jennifer really need to do a movie together - give Cooper a co-starring break.

A nice full stage, and full Fassy thighs shot!

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