Sunday, August 9, 2015

New German Interviews with Michael

As Slow West and Frank are making appearances in German theaters this summer, our Germany based FF contributor, Christine H, has found several new German media interviews with Michael Fassbender from July/August. Christine has translated and transcribed the interviews into word format, and I added the documents on to the public Fassinating Fassbender Google drive (links below).

There are some very interesting things that Michael shares in the interviews: he mentions his recent holiday in Costa Rica and Nicaragua; he likes to keep things simple in his life; he lives a regular non-posh lifestyle (even super cheap hotels); he packs three jeans and seven t-shirts for travel; he's scared to fail in playing a role; and his crazy Irish side permits him to party hard and 'mess up', etc. Some of the things Michael shares in the interviews may sound familiar, but there is a lot of good fresh information too. Michael is honest and forthcoming, and comes across like a healthy, normal, ambitious man in his late 30s. Every time I learn more about what makes Michael tick, I enjoy and admire him and what he offers as an actor and human being even more.

Titles are made up

  1. Bunte magazine page scan
  2. Top Career and Great Love - does it work?
  3. Michael on Karl May movies
  4. I'm Greedy for an Intense Life
  5. Michael, When do you Cry?


Simone said...

For clarification, Christine's native language is German and she translated these into English herself not using Google or Babelfish.

Kruschelkasten said...

Were my translations that bad, uh? *g*


Simone said...

Nope, your translation was just fine. It just appears some people who love to nitpik things that Michael say, questioned some verbs and pronouns used in the translations. I just wanted to assure people that a mature, native German speaker, with no agenda, did the translations. xoxo :)

Jhessye said...

Danke for translating. Super nice of you. This is great. 😉😄