Friday, August 21, 2015

TGIF 8.21.15

As I slowly recuperate from last week's surgery and semi-depression from life's crap, it's been a quiet week in Michael Fassbender news. It's amazing how solid, good, fun news and images of Michael can cheer a person up. That's why I love this week's TGiFassy image in particular. However, there was some Fassbender-less news posted on Tuesday as TIFF announced another 90+ titles to be screened at the film festival, and it's obvious that Michael will have no reason to make a pit stop in Toronto in September, and that sucks big time (middle finger to Harvey, and side-eye WTFs to Universal Pictures). But, I have my backup boys* and their films to support and my 12th TIFF will still be splendid.

There's not much more to say at the moment, so I'm going to chill out and start planning for my annual trek to Toronto!

BTW, it would be remiss of me to not share this timely Playlist article on Weinstein's track record of purposefully derailing films - The Lost, Orphaned and Long-Delayed Projects of Harvey Weinstein


*next week, read my TIFF related updates at Theatre of Zen to learn more about my back up boys and my film schedule!


Takhesis said...

I've read on tumblr someone talking about Michael being in Malta, filming (or about to start filming) Assassin's Creed. Hope we see some set photos soon!

dianne said...

today was just catching up on the blog and i read that you had surgery! Hope everything went well! i wish you a fast recovery! :) Have a great weekend Simone! :)