Friday, August 28, 2015

TGIF 8.28.15

Although Michael has been too busy in the past couple of weeks to be spotted anywhere, it appears that he's in Europe at the moment prepping for Assassin's Creed (AC). If we thought that the X-Men movies and Prometheus gave Michael worldwide fame, Assassin's Creed will broaden his fan base, or at least his name recognition, tenfold. He starts filming on Monday in Europe, but then a few days later, in preparation for 42nd Telluride Film Festival, Sept 4-7, if Steve Jobs is expected to screen there, will Michael be available to attend? He's producing and starring in AC, and it's his baby, but Michael is known for his strong multi-tasking work ethic which he credits his German roots for, so it is likely he'll make it to Telluride, if his film screens there. But if he doesn't show up, he has a perfectly understandable reason why not to. Telluride will announce this year's film titles on September 2nd.

I'm feeling better post-surgery, thanks to those who sent well wishes, I really, really appreciated it! xoxo


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