Thursday, September 3, 2015

Michael Will Not Attend Telluride Film Festival

The 42nd Telluride Film Festival announced this year's lineup of exclusive films, and as expected, Steve Jobs will be shown there. The schedule of the films will be released later today, but I think Jobs will screen tomorrow, 4 Sept, opening day of the festival. According to Deadline, due to Michael filming Assassin's Creed in Malta, he will not be attending. Director Danny Boyle will receive a tribute at the festival. I will lay my cards on the table and honestly admit that this pleases me, so I give thanks to the Universe for Michael's schedule being too busy for him to fly to Telluride. I am bummed out that Universal deliberately skipped, snubbed, avoided TIFF in showing Steve Jobs there. This film is playing at Telluride, New York and even London, but not Toronto, my festival playground and where I have had great success in seeing/meeting Michael there.

It appears simply that Boyle favors Telluride for his past successes there, but TIFF has treated him well too. Heck, he sat just two rows from me at TIFF in 2010 at a screening, and I supported him the following year by watching 127 Hours. But noooooooooooooooo, Boyle and Universal couldn't toss a cookie to Toronto this year. A fellow TIFFer at Awards Watch, Big_red737 had this to say:

It frustrates me that "Carol", "Steve Jobs", and "Suffragette" are skipping TIFF but showing at Telluride. I'm sick of all this behind-the-scenes politicking and jockeying and competition between festivals to secure premieres. There always seem to be big titles that Toronto loses out on because of whatever the reason may be. As an attendee of TIFF, the only premiere status that I care about is that they are new films that haven't shown in Toronto before. I don't care if it's World or North American, or even to some extent Canadian premiere but I guess there are people that do care and having that premiere status raises your profile and attracts attention to media and buyers.
I couldn't agree more. Well, Telluride gets Steve Jobs, but not its main star, and Toronto got neither. I can deal with this and enjoy TIFF with extra relief this year. But surely, Michael's schedule in October will permit him to attend NYFF and most likely London too, so I look forward to seeing him there.

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